Our Curriculum Choices for 2015/16

We will soon be started up our 2015/16 school year and I thought I'd share what we have planned. 

Family Learning
Connor:  3rd Grade

Emma:  Kindergarten

Sammy:  Preschool (3)

Sammy will be learning his basics through play and books
  • An Alphabet Eye Spy (Poke-a-dot book)
  • Play
  • Busy Town by Richard Scarry


West Kids Favorite Bedtime Book

Treasure of Cozy Cove by Tony Ross

Our oldest (8) brought this book to story time, insisting we just had to listen to him read it, as it was the best story ever.  I believe it is now out of print, but can be found used.  We found ours at a thrift store.

It is a humorous story illustrated in comic book style.

Connor's summary:
"First two cats are falling and they fall into the water and just when they are going to be drowned a captain pulls them out.   He's a pirate and brings them back to his ship.   They have fishtails and custard for dinner.   
The ship is called Kipper.  After that Tittles dies by getting ate by a fish.   They get their ship sank and sea dogs attack them and they win.  Their ships sink and the their clothes are off.  They are in the mud and they are more dead than alive and they are found by an old woman.   Smudge likes the place but he's sad they never find the treasure."

I asked why he liked the story:

It's a good story and there's a bunch of cats and I like cats and the name sea dog is really funny and I really like the Kipper and Tiddles 'Awkins, he was a cool cat and the fish that killed him looked really cool.

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