CursiveLogic {a review}

I remember when I was a kid always receiving birthday cards from my grandparents and great aunts, written in cursive.  Cursive seemed like such a grown up thing - a secret club that I wasn't allowed to be included in yet.  I distinctly remember my pride when I was finally in 3rd grade and allowed to learn this "secret" art.  I felt so grown up.

Recently I've started writing all my own notes and lists in cursive, because it's so fluid and is quicker.  My oldest, 8, of course, almost immediately began to beg to learn cursive.  He absoloutley hates any writing assignment so I was very excited that he wanted to learn cursive, even if he wanted to learn (most likely) so he would be able to read my "secret" notes.  With perfect timing to our current situation I was introduced to CursiveLogic and given a CursiveLogic Workbook to review.

CursiveLogic is a new and more efficient way to teach cursive.  Instead of memorizing each individual letter of the alphabet, one at a time, this new method relies on the patterns Linda Shrewsbury, the author of CursiveLogic, seen in the cursive alphabet.  These patterns are grouped into four and presented in "letter strings", which you learn together (connected) instead of individually.

Each of the four foundational shape groups (or patterns) have their own specific theme color.  To reinforce the shape patterns there is also an auditory cue for each group in the form of a rhythmical chant.

When we received the 96 page spiral bound workbook, Connor was so excited he begged to begin right away.  Begging for writing was something foreign to my momma ears.  My eager student began work right away on his orange ovals.  He had fun and he learned fast.  CursiveLogic was so effective that my hater of penmanship went off all on his own, after just one lesson, and took a rather large piece of easel paper and continued to practice his letters and piece together words he could think of from his first letter string.

Each lesson is roughly between 12-14 pages long.  We went about this maybe a little different than intended, by completing 1-3 pages in a sitting, because he is only 8.  We are currently on string 3 of 4 and Connor is still loving his writing assignments.  

At the end of the workbook there are three laminated practice pages with the CursiveLogic site offering several options as well for printable practice pages

With school's now phasing out teaching of cursive due to "not enough time", I think CursiveLogic is the perfect solution.  It is fast and easy to learn (and teach!).

To see what others have said about this wonderful cursive program, click the banner below:

CursiveLogic Review

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