The Red Carpet by Rex Parkin {bfiar}

We "officially" came to the end of our scheduled school year with Katy No Pocket.  But with a little bit of sheer luck, I happened upon one of the rare titles of Before Five in a Row (bfiar), The Red Carpet, for a super fair price.  I kept reading wonderful things about this book and couldn't pass it up, so we squeezed in one more week of fun.
Being that this was suppose to be the start of our summer break, my eldest was not amused and did not want to any school, even if it was play based.  My 2nd born does whatever big brother does, so that left me with little Sam, who is 2.
Sam is into anything transportation related so I was expecting this to be his new favorite book.
We happen to have a road puzzle that had pieces that fit really nicely with The Red Carpet.  We used a crepe paper as our carpet and set it loose over the city, from the "hotel". 
We used a Playmobil police to "chase" the carpet.

That was about all we did with Sam, since he's just 2.  He loved his new motorcycle toy.

Even though my eldest was resistant to more school, I did get him to read a few books on the Canadian Police to tie in The Red Carpet to a 2nd grade level.

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