SmartKidz Media {a review}

SmartKidz Media Review

Online streaming for education as well as entertainment is becoming quite popular.  There are so many choices out there and yet I have never heard of SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers before.   I was super excited to have not only learned about SmartKidz Media, but also to use and review a safe, educational and family friendly streaming library.               

SmartKidz Media is an online media library for families.  There are two groups of media:  Family Media (under the dark gray, shown below) and Reading and Learning Center (grouped under the lighter gray).  Within those two groups there are 10 tabs, or topics, to choose from on the homepage.

Under the "Family Media" there is:
  • World of Discovery
  • Music and Fine Arts
In the "Reading and Learning Center" you will find:
  • Mighty eBook Collection
  • Baby Signs Program
  • My Animal Family
  • Quick Find Study Guides
  • Easy Learning for Special Needs
  • Living Skills Program (coming soon)
  • Ready Set Sing
  • Fun Zone
I can't possibly list everything this vast streaming site offers, so I will share what we visited most.  Within "Family Media:  World of Discovery" you will find a number of titles for the whole family to enjoy.  Just some of the subjects to be found:
  • Animals and Wildlife
  • Nature
  • Documentaries & Culture
  • Health and Fitness
  • History
  • Lifestyles and Cuisines
  • Science
  • Travel and Adventure
  • Discovery

SmartKidz Media could be used for education or for entertainment.  There are a number of fun ebooks and a "Fun Zone" that has games.  However, how we used this was mostly for education, staying withing the "Family Media" group.

On a typical day, with SmartKidz Media, I'd start my eldest (who is 8) off on a topic that fit his lesson, such as kangaroos.  More often than not, when the video was over, he was begging to browse around and watch more.  (Of course I said yes)  My lover of documentaries would watch many of the Animals and Wildlife videos, all on his own.  I never felt like I had to hover over him to monitor what he might watch, such as I feel I need to do with other streaming sites.

A few of the titles he watched:
  • The Wild Ones:  Strongest Animals
  • The Wild Ones:  Fastest Animals
  • Wonderful World:  Animal Babies
  • Wonderful World:  Animal Builders
  • Nature Miniatures
  • Aerobics For Kids
The first few weeks I would search in the morning for a show that could match a topic we were learning about, to go along with a lesson.  This is where I have my only minor dislike of the website - it would be so helpful to have a search bar.  However, I do like that when you hover over a video a short description and bolded topics pops up, saving me from having to click over to each one.

Additionally, what I liked about SmartKidz Media is it was wonderful for our way of teaching/learning which is mostly topical (or unit) study and child-led.  For example:  My eldest, Connor, had been asking a lot about Beethoven so I turned on The Greatest Works of Beethoven II, found under "Music and Fine Arts:  Classical Music Vol 1".  Then a wonderful thing happened.  Connor would come downstairs each morning and turn on Beethoven and play with legos and kinetic sand while I finished up my coffee.  I was curious so I asked him why he loved the music so much, to which he replied, "It helps me with my game!  It helped me plan it right and made it fun."  He's definitely a SmartKid!

Connor's finally thoughts:  "I like pretty much everything. I like the music and the animals most.  It's fun learning about animals and listening to Beethoven."

This is something I'd certainly recommend to other families as a nice, safe and educational streaming site.  We used this nearly every day and still didn't visit even half of what is offered.

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