Road Trip with Kids: Audio Books

Travelling with young children can be emotionally exhausting.  We live far away from our families and often travel with our kids, sometimes taking 9 hours in one day of driving.  There are many stops to get wiggles out, to empty tiny bladders, and to fill little bellies.  We've found that no matter how often we stop, after several hours of driving the kids quickly lose their patience.  We've tried packing snacks.  Packing toys.  Packing books.  There's little that works to ease the impatience of the youngest of travelers. 

We've tried packing iPads and Leap Frogs, and that works wonderfully - for a little while.  When you have so far to travel, bad attitudes emerge after so much screen time.  There's fighting and yelling and screaming.  And the kids get upset too.  (see what I did there?  lol)

What I'm trying to say is, travelling with kids isn't always sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

Sometimes it can be, but often it's not.

After many years and many tears we have finally found something that keeps the kids content for a little while longer.  Audio books!

We usually try to wait a few hours, until they show signs of "get me out of this car or so help me!" then I'll turn on a story and there's blissful silence followed by sweet snores.

Our kids' ages are 2, 4, and 8..  The stories they will all listen to are usually from Sparkle Stories.  I get them on my phone's podcast and use the Bluetooth to connect it to the van.  The kids all just adore these stories and have began to request them when we're running errands in town.  Sparkle Stories are a wonderful introduction to audio stories for your youngest listeners.

We are soon going on yet another very long car ride and this time I'm arming myself with several more audio stories.

With the help of our wonderful library's audio CDs and OverDrive we will be listening to:
 Hopefully we can help lure our kids from Screamland into Dreamland this trip.

Does your family listen to audio books?  What's your favorites?


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