CTC Math {a TOS review}

CTCMath Review

Connor (8) was doing lesson in measurement one day, with CTC Math, while Emma (4) looked on.  Emma started to catch on to the measuring and I encouraged her by saying, "Oh, good math work, Emma!"  Connor stopped his work and looked at me in shock.  "This is math!?  But it's so fun!"

I've never thought I'd hear my 8 year old utter the words "math" and "fun" in the same sentence.  Since we've been using CTC Math's 12 Month Family Plan, for homeschoolers, his whole attitude with math has changed for the better. 

CTC Math is a U.S. based online curriculum.  (For us personally, as Canadians, using a U.S. curriculum doesn't matter a whole lot).  The lessons are all in video format, making it easy for your student(s) to pause or rewind any topic.  For K-6th grade CTC Math could be a full curriculum, beyond 6th grade it is best used as a supplement for those that are struggling and need extra help.  With the 12 Month Family Plan you pay one price for your entire family with unlimited access to all lessons within all grades. 

Each topic in K-6 grade has a standard, as well as a comprehensive, test that your child could choose to take.  If you decide to take the test(s) you are sent a detailed report showing any lessons that need be reviewed.  For my students, we chose to skip the tests and just focused on various lessons.

Upon signing up for CTC Math you, the parent, are given access to the Parent's Area where you can add your student(s) and give them logins.  This Parent's Area is where you can track all progress from when they last logged in, how many lessons they completed, their scores, reports and any certificates earned.

After your student completes each lesson within a given topic s/he is awarded 1 of 4 certificates, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze  This was my son's favorite part of CTC Math - the boy loves awards.

When your child earns a certificate the parent is notified via email as well as within the Parent Area, where you have the option to print it. 

How we used CTC Math:

My 2nd grader used it 3 or more times a week, on a computer, with me picking topics for him based on our unit studies or on areas he was struggling in his regular math curriculum.   We did try once on an iPad, which worked great except iPads are a huge struggle (distraction) for my child since he knows his games are on there, so we try to avoid using one.

Sometimes Connor would look on as I worked with his younger sister, outside of this program, and he'd sigh and say how he wished he could "do math like that", (meaning easy fun kinder graphing and shapes) so I would set him up on CTC Math with his grade level counterpart.  He was super excited when I bumped him one grade higher for 3D shapes.

Very occasionally I would have my 4 year old test out the program since she works at a kindergarten level.  Being she's only 4 we didn't work at this often as she didn't have the attention span for the short instruction videos.  This is something I'd like to revisit with her for next year though.

My thoughts:

I feel CTC Math is very easy to use with a clean, un-distracting design.  The teacher's voice is clear and easy to understand (and the Australian accent is a nice bonus). 

I love the Parent Area with the progress reports.  Where we live we don't have to turn in grades or anything, but I still like to keep records so this is a super easy way for me to see at a glance where my child is struggling or excelling in math.

Each lesson, from instruction to question, is a nice short amount of time.  I never felt like we were spending too much time on the computer.

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