Canada Day Preschool Craft

A fun little craft I like to make with my littles is a Canadian Wind Catcher.  It's quick and simple to do, and the kids love it.  After they exhaust their fun watching their craft fly in the wind, while running around in the grass, I hang it up in my back yard to catch the wind.

Supplies you'll need:
  • white construction paper
  • two  strips of red construction paper
  • red finger paint
  • one little wiggly hand
  • white and red crepe paper
  • tape
  • glue stick
  • stapler
  • string
I usually break this up into two days of quick art, because of the paint drying time.  You could also just paint in the morning, then finish in the afternoon.


  • Take your two strips of red paper and slather them up with a glue stick.  Place them on the white paper.  (I say glue stick because it takes less time to dry and won't crinkle your paper like wet glue.
  • paint one little wiggly hand and stamp it between the red strips, for your cute make-shift "maple leaf".  Stamp again on another piece of paper for a keep sake, if you so wish, since this wind-catcher won't keep.  You now have one Canadian flag!

  • when paint is dry, roll your flag into a cylinder, with your print facing out (red paper touching red paper) and staple or tape it together.
  • take red and white crepe paper and tape strips around the bottom of the cylinder in a red/white pattern.  Length of strips is up to you, we aren't striving for perfection so don't worry too much.  If you wish, you could do a quick math lesson of AB patterning.
  • tape 3 or 4 lengths of string to the top of the cylinder and tie off near the top.
  • hand to your little monkey and let them loose.

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