The Little Rabbit {b4fiar}

My intent with these posts is to just share our experience with the BFIAR (before five in a row) curriculum.  I stray away from the manual because this is my 5th year with the company and I feel more confident in my teaching than I did when I started, so I add and adjust depending on our moods and what's available at our library.  Please don't compare your school to our school.  Yours may look different, and that is okay.

Treat the manual as your as you would a main course buffet.  Pick and choose according to how "hungry" you are and how much room is on your plate.  Treat Pinterest (my blog included) as a dessert buffet.  Pick one or two extras if any at all.  Make your "meal" your own.

Anyways.  Emma was in love with this row.

We "rowed" The Little Rabbit right before Easter, so all our bible focus was on Easter, in addition to our regular bible devotions.

Language Arts

Sam (2) had a rare turn with our iPad and I had him play ABC Farm, R is for Rabbit.  He looked at various pictures and watched rabbit videos.

Emma's (4) reading curriculum is with This Reading Mama and this week happened to mesh so perfectly.  We were at the "ET family".  We used Reading Mama's awesome printouts and our Pairsinpears for a fun little activity.

Then Connor (8) and Emma both did some journaling of their choice (Connor chose to write the difference between hares and rabbits).


We printed a game from an ebook from scholastic, called Bunny Hop.  (we got this during the dollar days, so keep an eye on those $ saving days!).  This game was too hard for my 2nd grader and too easy for my pre-Kinder, but we did have fun and learn lots of teamwork and sportsmanship.

that's clay in her fingers.  ;)

We made fingerprint bunnys with Ed Emberley's Fingerprint Drawing Book.  Connor did a fingerprint of a dragon scene

The following cute little craft isn't my own idea.  I was thumbing through a craft book at the library and seen it.  It looked easy enough to remember so I opted to go on memory rather than lug a huge book home.  Unfortunately I can't remember the book title.

We got various books from the library.  Connor's favorite this week was Rabbits, Rabbits & More Rabbits by Gail Gibbons, where he learned the differences between hares and rabbits.

Fun Play

Emma acted out the story, "finding" her new rabbit in a basket.

Emma just adored The Little Rabbit.  She talked of it often for weeks and would gladly point out anything that reminded her of Buttercup.

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  1. Visiting from Weekly Wrap Up. Those little bunny ear crafts are delightful!

  2. Visiting from PreK and K linkup. I l enjoyed reading about how you are integrating one theme across different subjects and differentiating it for your various aged kids. I love your son's dragon scene!


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