Goodnight Moon {bfiar}

We've been working our way through the Before Five in a Row (bfiar) curriculum this past year with a 2, 4 and 8 year old.  Many of the titles I know are too young for my 8 year old and as such I'll find him a related topic to read about independently.  (we do this curriculum because I didn't want Emma to miss out on all the good young person fun with bfiar).

Goodnight Moon is one title I thought for sure Connor would roll his eyes at.  When Monday came and it was time to begin our readings, I didn't even call Connor over to join us.  He was happily working on some drawings so I just began to read to the younger two, Emma and Sam. 

As I read he quietly got down from the table and made his way over.  8 is such a hard age.  Right on the brink of "big boy".  Still so young, but also so grown.  He knows he's growing and he wants to be grown, but he also yearns so much for the days gone of lap sitting, cuddling and night time tuck ins.  The days where he has to hold mom's hand as he crosses the road, and needs kisses for his boo boos.  Yet he also longs for the days of freedom and independence.  It's such a confusing age to be.  So we both cherish these moments.  The moments he gets a glimpse of a memory of what it was to be 4 and he moves closer, wanting to be little again, and yet wanting to be big.

Of course, if Connor were a single child we wouldn't be using BFIAR at his age.  In these moments we can just slow down and pretend time isn't moving so much faster than anyone wants to admit.

For this "row" I found so many great titles at our library, to go along.  We began with Goodnight, Canada.  As Emma turned the pages for me, Connor would follow along and put the provinces in their place.

For science we learned about elephants.  Connor especially loved our library find,

We happened to be learning about birds of prey at this time, so we also grabbed some books on owls, such as Owls : hunters of the night.
Connor had some independent reading on moons:
Meanwhile Emma made herself a crayon resist artwork of space.
 For math we played a game by Scholastic, Hickory Dickory Clock.
The rest of our time was spent unrelated to Goodnight Moon, exploring the great outdoors with a local nature hiking group.  We were late so we had to explore on our own before catching up.
(My intent with these posts is to just share our experience with the bfiar (before five in a row) curriculum.  I stray away from the manual because this is my 5th year with the company and I feel more confident in my teaching than I did when I started, so I add and adjust depending on our moods and what's available at our library.  Please don't compare your school to our school.  Yours may look different, and that is perfectly okay.)

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