Avoiding Homeschool Burnout {a review post}

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Review
There is no need to pave your own path, stumbling, learning, and getting lost and/or discouraged on the way.  There are others that have gone before us and it would be wise to listen to the words that those before us have to share.  One such successful veteran homeschooler, Stephanie Walmsley, creator of Successful Homeschooling Made Easy, has written a very helpful 26 week course.  With this course Stephanie takes us by the hand, so to speak, and guides us through the more difficult aspects of learning at home.  She'll show us how to be more practical, how to better schedule in order to accompodate the early riser or the night owl, how to keep a clean house with everyone home together all the time, how to organize, and much more.

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course is an e-course.  What this means is that upon signing up you are sent an email each week, for 26 weeks, with a link to download a PDF from an online source (Word Online).  You can save your PDF to your computer and read it offline at your own convenience.  Since this is done through your email host and a webpage you can save and access your course in several ways.  You could read your course on your desktop, your smart phone, your iPad or any device you use with access to your email and the internet.

For myself, I enjoyed downloading the course to my desktop computer where I'd save a copy and print it out so I can make written notes in the spaces provided.  I also enjoyed sometimes going into my email, via my iPhone, and clicking the link in my email to open an additional copy I could take with me anywhere I went.

1 lesson of the 26 is sent each week. The topics are all around how to make your home life simpler when choosing to teach your child(ren).  You will find many topics, such as:
  • how to start your homeschool
  • how to make math easier
  • things you could expect to encounter when staying home with the kids
  • how to avoid burnout.
  • how to avoid living vicariously through your children and instead fulfilling your own dreams
  • ideas on how to choose curriculum and ways to think outside the "box"  
  • extracurriculars and overscheduling
  • how you would accomplish keeping your home tidy while teaching your children at home 
  • and many more 
So far, in the 10 weeks that I've had with the 26 week course, the sizes of the PDFs have varied from 11-26 pages.  Within each file you will find not only helpful homeschooling information, but links to suggestions made for books or other things to consider.  I have read several of the book recommendations with the help of my library.  I was just generally amazed at how helpful this could be in making our life simpler and less dependent on curriculum. 

In the lessons each week you will also find journaling space to write down your thoughts with helpful questions to prompt you.  Each week's lesson is ended with an assignment and a preview of what you can expect the following week.

Before this review began I had thought of myself as pretty set in my ways and rather comfortable teaching my children and I was vainly thinking there is not much room for improvement - even knowing I suffer burnout each year.  I went into this review not expecting to be very impressed.  I could not have been more wrong.  There are many things I hadn't thought of yet, such as the many wonderful book recommendations.  As for the scheduling, I thought I was doing okay on my own, but after using Stephanie's method for 9 weeks, I do much prefer my new schedule.

After just a couple weeks of implementing the new schedule, to which it is suggested you have a daily literacy hour, my son asked me "Why do we have a reading hour now?"  I asked, "well, don't you like it?"  He said, "No, I love it!!"

I didn't ask them to all read separate, in the photo below.  I had actually intended to read aloud to them but they quickly got so engrossed in their own books.  It was a sweet (and quiet!) moment.

We have all truly loved our new, more relaxed, schedule.  Each week I anticipated the arrival of my new lesson and assignment and that won't stop now that the review period is over.  This course offers a priceless wealth of information and ideas to help us get through our schooling each day with less stress less tears and generally just more fun. 

Already, before the course is even complete I am feeling more relaxed, organized and even excited to teach and to also learn right alongside my children.  I feel I have a better understanding o f myself as well as with the many confusing methods of homeschooling.  I feel less overwhelmed with the many choices of methods and curriculums, which means less stress.

With a 30 day money back guarantee you really can't go wrong here.  Stephanie offers fair pricing for four different currencies and with two different methods of payment (6 monthly payments or 1 total payment).
While we do all walk this path of homeschooling together, the point of this course is to make it an easier walk and to make it unique to each of us.

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Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Review

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