The Big Green Pocketbook {b4FIAR)

Recently we "rowed" The Big Green Pocketbook by Candice F. Ransom.  Before Five in a Row is designed for ages 2-4, but I find it so easy to accommodate all my students, ages 8, 4 and 2.

Character & Language Arts:

In addition to our regular bible devotions, we focused on kindness this week.  We used some ideas from Kids of Integrity, although not as much as usual because we had too recently used this great resource thoroughly.

We read several books about kindness, our favorite being P. K. Hallinan's Let's Be Kind.  Hallinan's "Let's Be..." series are all board books, and yet even my 8 year old loves these books.  They are big messages packed into a sweet and simple book.

I used this book to have both Connor (8) and Emma (4) pick a page to copy, in picture and sentence. 

From the library I selected a few books with a theme of "kind".  For Emma I found an amazing little picture book with no words, Hank Finds an Egg .  The author tells the story of little Hank who finds an egg and kindly tries to put it back in the nest.  All this is done with photography.  Such an amazing and unique little book!

For my 2nd grader I found a couple books for him to read solo. Non-Random Acts of Kindness (The Life of Ty) and Each Kindness


Little Sammy is just 2 and learning all his basics.  We got Little Blue and Little Yellow from the library and big kids joined us in a color activity.  I made a batch of playdough and gave each kid a "little blue" and "little yellow" to act out the story.  As it turned out, my 2nd grader was the only one that would actually mix it.  Emma didn't want the 'friends' to not be able to come apart again, and Sammy just was unsure of the squishy mess.  lol.

I wanted Sam to understand the color green, and since he wasn't too keen on dough I got out water and dyed it.  He was very happy with water.

Science soon turned very serious.

I think my take home message, for myself, in this lesson was to not underestimate a very basic (preschool) activity.  Color mixing is so very basic, but kids are still kids and the most basic of lessons can turn into a fantastic role playing activity.

Always have an emergency hand washing station nearby, in any chemical lab.  ;)

We also read a book about many different shades of Green.

Social Studies & Math:

We learned about neighborhoods with a few different books from the library.


I made Emma a little "big" green pocketbook from some felt.  I just did it freehand, cutting it out and gluing it together, leaving the top open so she could slip in her story pieces from the lapbook at Homeschool Share.  Also, when you subscribe to the FIAR blog you are given access to all of their "Fold&Learns".

Emma wasn't too impressed by her pocketbook, but I was okay with that as we had a super surprise in store for her.

I had in mind to stop at a thrift store in hopes to find a decent purse for her, to act as her "Big Green Pocketbook".  We stopped at a thrift store to have a look at the "pocketbooks" and actually did find a big green one!!  That was part 1 of her surprise.  Part 2 was our very first city bus ride adventure!  Not one of us has ever been on a city bus before.

It was a very cold, muddy and wet walk to the bus stop and to the shops where we got some orange slices for daddy.  I do have to say I have a new appreciation for those that take the bus daily.  How privileged we are to have our own car!

Back at home we played with a couple busses in our toy collection, new and vintage.

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  1. Oh the kiddos are adorable in their science outfits. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap UP.

  2. You have a cute little family. :) They grow so fast!

  3. I just love reading your blog! You do such a good job homeschooling those lucky little kids!

  4. I love Little Blue and Little Yellow!


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