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Play with Me is yet another title in the Before Five in Row book that Connor did not care for when he was 4.  I think maybe I pushed too hard with a traditional schooling mindset and the little guy just was not interested in anything but play.

Emma is a whole different story.  Girl loves her school.  I'm pretty much convinced that whichever method of teaching I take on, the kids will be the opposite.  lol.  Even though Emma loves worksheets and writing her letters, I don't really print them off like I did with Connor.  Maybe because I regret so much how I taught Connor when he was so little.

If you go back and read the post of when we first rowed Play With Me, Connor's answers and reflection of the book all revolve around "Mommy".  He wants to play with the girl and with Mommy, not the animals.  Mommy.  (a mommy wasn't even in this story)

Kids just want their mom to play with them.  Not lord over them directing them to learn learn learn.  They will learn in your every day average play with them.  They will learn from simple book reading and singing.  Role playing and block building.

What I did do right back then was exactly that, the play.  All the other stuff, the massive amounts of paper I printed for him to do, needed to go out the window.  Before Five in a Row is enough, all on it's own.  It is enough, mommas.  Don't do extra paperworks that they hate.

Anyways.  Emma loved this "row" as well as Connor, now 8. 


In addition to our regular bible devotions we learned about patience this week.

My kids love listening to the animal stories over at Character First Education, while they color a related sheet.

We read a couple books with the theme of patience.  We read Let's Be Patient by P. K. Hallinan.  My kids just adore these little books by Hallinan.  Usually after reading one I'll have them each pick a page to copy into their little journal.  Emma, especially, loves this little activity.
I also picked out, from the library, Katie Loves the Kittens .  This is a story about a dog named Katie that has such a hard time being patient and calm when she's so excited, and she keeps scaring the kittens.  It matched the whole "be still" theme of Play With Me very nicely.  Emma read this book several times.

Language Arts
Because Before Five in a Row is intended for ages 2-4, and I do not like doing separate curriculums, I add in things for Connor, age 8. 
For this row I had him read The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse .  He reads independently now, then he comes back all on his own and will narrate it back, in length.  Some days I think this kid has a photographic memory.  lol.
Connor absolutely loves these books by Thornton W. Burgess.  I'm always surprised when I look at book lists and I don't see these books mentioned.  I'm here to say, on my little soap box, I highly recommend these wholesome books for your young ones.  Read aloud or independently. 
They are, of course, fictional books, but Burgess had such a passion for animal conservation and it really shows in his stories, describing the behaviors and antics of wildlife.
I usually try to find some related poetry books, and other fun wordy books, for the kids.
From our library I selected
  • Butterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the Meadow - this is really informative poetry book.  It was a little over the heads of my children, so I read a poem or two just to expose them poetry.  Each poem is a riddle, talking of a mystery creature and ending with "What am I?"  Each poem is followed by a short non-fiction paragraph or two of whatever creature, or nature related thing, such as dew, the poem was referencing.
  • The Frogs and Toads All Sang - a silly collection of poems and rhymes
  • Over in the Meadow - a counting nursery rhyme/song by John Langstaff.  There is also a book, of the same title, done by Ezra Jack Keats (of The Snowy Day) that I really wanted, but it was unavailable at our library and on Amazon.  :(   
  • Croaky Pokey! - the hokey pokey, frog style!  hilarious.
There is a cute little video for Over in the Meadow
My kids beg for science so we do little things everyday.  We read about meadows and ponds, most of which is mentioned above, but I also got a pond book from the kids nonfiction section of the library.  Look around in the j577.6  to j578.7 area.
One day we talked about the dew mentioned in Play With Me.  At the time of this row there was still snow on our frozen ground so we improvised and showed the idea with the help of a window.
The little girl in Play With Me tries to play with a Blue Jay.  I had the idea that maybe we should try to attract some Blue Jays to our backyard.  We saved a juice bottle and poked holes, and cut out windows.  We then added a bamboo skewer, filled it with sunflower seeds and hung it with twine.

We've since learned that most likely we will not be seeing Blue Jays, as we do not have any of their preferred trees in our neighborhood (Oaks and Beeches).  We have attracted plenty of finches though!

Emma loves to color so I also downloaded this free Birds Coloring Pack and printed off the Blue Jay for her.


We used our Usborne Art Treasury book this week to make a little pond art.   I knew I wasn't saving all that tissue paper from birthdays for no reason!  ha!

I am very choosy now in what I print off to have my kids work on.  If lapbooking is your thing, Homeschool Share has a great set for Play With Me.  I only used one sheet, just to see what Emma would "play" with compared to Connor's answers years ago.

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  1. This is one of our favorite b4FIAR books, although it is so hard to choose a favorite. Looks like you all had a fun learning week! Thanks for linking up to the Preschool Kindergarten Community post.


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