La La Logic Preschool Curriculum {a review}

La La Logic Review
For the past six  weeks Emma and I have been reviewing an excellent Preschool Curriculum by La La Logic.
This progressive preschool curriculum takes you through 100 weeks of building important problem solving skills.  With your membership you are paying for the content, not for a set time frame.  This means that if, like me, you have a child that fits the age now, and also one that is a bit too young, you can revisit the program at a later date at no cost!  Or maybe your young child needs a pacing slower than 100 weeks - totally fine as there is no expiration.
La La Logic is intended for children from ages 3 to 6.  I found this to be a loose suggestion as within the program you will often find several activities that could include an older sibling (such as listening to a short story or playing along with a hands on math game).
There are 3 multisensory components within this Preschool Curriculum.
1.  Brain Challenge.
The logic puzzles, or Brain Challenges, are completed online using a web browser and as such can be played on any PC, Mac, iPad or Tablet that has up-to-date web browsers.  My 4 year old mostly played on an iMac with a mouse.  My 2 year sometimes played, with help from me, on our iPad.
Before beginning you will get a preview of what your student will be learning, shown in the orange section.  After clicking "Start" the Brain Challenge loads and your child is now ready to begin a short and fun logic challenge.
What I liked here is there are no ads, clickable links or other flashy distractions to take away from the focus of learning.
A woman's voice guides and encourages your child along with each short challenge.  Within 5-10 minutes your child is done with his/her puzzles and you are done for the day if you follow along with the provided weekly schedule.  "Extra Practice" is available for those that want more time, under a Continuous Brain Challenge Mode or you can choose specific activities that your child had a hard time with.
2.  Enrichment
The 2nd part of the curriculum is an offline enrichment set, which changes week to week.  These can be found in the blue section of the Home page, by clicking "Download" where you can either open the PDF and print or save it to your computer.
Within the download you'll find a printable schedule, which looks the same as the online version but with handy checkmarks beside the tasks.  (We just went ahead and followed along with this handy schedule weekly). Within this bundle you will also find instructions for your Enrichment Set as well as your worksheet, which I will talk about next.
Some examples of enrichment days we've had so far in our time with this program:
  • poetry
  • science activity
  • art awareness
  • short stories or fables
  • various math games - (Emma's personal favorite)
All of these had Emma thinking with prompts such as,  Why did that character do thatWhy did our paper lily openNarrate back to me this storyWhat if we used 2 pennies instead of 1?

On the printable schedule there is a section for you to fill in about what your child loved most about the week.  Emma's answer always revolved around the enrichment sets.

3.  Worksheets

In addition to an internet enabled computer or smart device you will need access to a printer to use the worksheets.  There is one worksheet per week, that vary in activity.  Some that we have completed so far:
  • cut and paste
  • shadow match
  • grouping/pairing
  • color coding
  • sequencing

My Thoughts

I'll be straight up honest with you here.  In my 5 years of homeschooling I have never enjoyed a preschool curriculum as much as I have La La Logic.  No joke.

This is definitely a high quality, well thought out, easy to use program that your little ones will love to come back to day after day.

I would very much recommend this to any family with little ones.  You're getting a steal with this brilliant Preschool Curriculum.

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La La Logic Review

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