How We Have Fun in Our Homeschool

This month the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team is sharing how we each have fun in our homeschools.

For kids, having fun comes naturally.  Learning also comes naturally to children and I try to wholeheartedly embrace that.  I'm not saying we don't ever have road blocks or days of tears and tantrums.  (that includes mom).  As a whole though, we have fun

Learning should be fun and one way to ensure your child has fun is to sit and think about what they love.  Get yourself out of a boxed curriculum and think about what is his/her passion?  Find it (it will change often and that is okay) and brainstorm ways to learn that topic!   To keep it fun for mom as well, don't sweat too much over it.  Simply go to the library if nothing else and grab books on that topic.  Let the children wiggle and bounce and jump and while they do that, read them a book.

A few of our most fun times have been topics they chose:
Our most dreaded subjects (for us that's penmanship and math) can be fun too.  Math can be learned often through games and building toys.  Find a curriculum that works for you (for us that is Math U See) and then take a day or two for just fun play.  There are so many choices in board games out there, pick what works for your family. 

As for penmanship, what works well for us, to keep things fun, is to give each child a little journal.  We use a primary composition book and I have them draw a picture and then write at least one line under explaining the photo.  Give them freedom and choice here.  Our little journaling activity soon turned into Connor creating a whole story book!

One last subject that always had me cringing was art.  Art time doesn't have to be hard and if you're a perfectionist mom like me, it's important to remind yourself the mess is only temporary.  Simply provide a variety of craft/art books and various supplies.  Un-shelf those books if you need to, and then stand back.  I recently did just that and Connor promptly got to work crafting a "Paper Me".  Did he do exactly as instructed?  No.  But what he made from his own imagination, with out "Literal Mom" breathing down his neck, was so much better.  In the end, he declared this the best, most fun, art day ever.  I think the key "fun" ingredients here were space and freedom.

Homeschooling can be such great fun once you find the courage to just release your fears.  You are enough.  You can do this.  They will learn and they will thrive.  You got this.

To see what how rest of the team has fun, visit The Canadian Homeschooler.

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  1. Math and any subject that requires writing is dreaded around here too! Love your son's little composition book, his artwork is so cute :)

  2. I LOVE Connor's storybook idea. Those composition books are such a great resource for kids. :)


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