Virtual Field Trip: Doon Heritage Village

This month the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team is talking of virtual field trips within our provinces.  There are many wonderful places within Ontario that I could talk of.  Niagara Falls, numerous historical sites (like Lucy Maud Montgomery's house!), nature trails, parks (both nature and amusement),  beaches, museums, quaint towns and big cities.  There are just so many wonderful things within this province. 

Several of us Canadian bloggers live in Ontario and for that reason I'm not going to talk of Ontario as a whole, but instead I'd like to share one very specific place I feel is worth travelling to if you live within a few hours.  That place is the Waterloo Region MuseumDoon Heritage Village.

Within the museum you will find permanent exhibits for the history of the region as well as a feature exhibit that changes throughout the year.  In the past we've enjoyed really unique exhibits such as the interactive circus exhibit or the interactive tree exhibit.  Currently there is an interactive water cycle exhibit, Ocean Bound!  Here you will learn the science of watersheds and oceans and the animals and ecosystems within.  You will also learn how we affect the water system.  My 3 kids just loved this exhibit, especially our eldest, Connor. 

This museum does a great job of providing plenty of little areas for younger siblings, throughout the exhibits.  Themed books and puzzles are provided in the feature exhibit and little play rugs with a toy are provided in the permanent exhibits.  On special days or weekends you can find the staff providing extra little activities at certain times.  For example one time we went and the kids made their own First Nation Pottery to take home.  Another time Connor "battled" a pirate while Emma colored pictures of pirates.

These inside exhibits are just 'icing on the cake', because if you visit between the months of May to December you will have access to a 60 acre "living" history Doon Heritage Village, and this is, to me, what is worth a drive to visit.  We live near enough to this we have visited several times and we've still yet to experience all there is to see, do and learn.

The museum is very homeschool friendly, offering discounts to groups as well as time with their staff, if you schedule a group visit. 

When the village is open there are usually scheduled "Homeschool Days" that we try to make it to at least once a year.  In the past we've enjoyed wagon rides and detailed history lessons from the staff in each building or house, some with a little activity to do such as make a scarecrow, wash laundry or help bake.

Each house you enter you are warmly greeted and welcomed by the staff, dressed in character.  You are given a very thorough history story of each home.  How many kids lived here?  What kind of work was done here?  What was the occupation?  Where they rich or where they poor?


Just some of the things my kids did:
  • watched a blacksmith and listened to his lessons
  • helped weave a rug
  • played old time street games
  • helped wash laundry
  • helped to bake muffins
  • listened to the butcher talk about a typical day in his trade
  • visited the farm animals
  • helped make a scarecrow
  • played checkers outside the grocer's
  • mailed a postcard at the post office
  • "purchased" a ticket for the railway
My kids just love visiting Doon Heritage Villiage.  We've been here several times and have yet to experience all the "living" lessons that are in each building - there is just so much to see and do!  Waterloo Region Museum would be well worth your time to visit.

To see what the rest of the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team has shared from their province, visit The Canadian Homeschooler.

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  1. Love the heritage spots, thanks for sharing. I'm from Cape Breton and Fortress Lousibourg is a big one for us.

  2. Looks like a great place!
    I am part of the team and enjoyed so much reading everyone's posts!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I lived in Kitchener for a while (many years ago) and I didn't even know this place existed! We are on the east side of the GTA now, but this looks like a trip we'll have to make!

  4. when I lived in KW I spent time at Doon. It was a nice pioneer village with good staff. I have yet to go there with my boy.

    I am Annette @ A net in Time.

  5. Sounds like a great place to explore! Reminds me of Fort Langley here in Vancouver or Fort Edmonton in Edmonton. :) I'm a history buff so I love exploring places like that. Thanks for sharing!

  6. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful country! Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Heritage Museums are so interesting as they give such a great insight into how a place became what it is today.

  8. Wow, what beautiful pictures. Children really do need to see the way things were and appreciate what they have.

  9. This looks like a lovely day out.

  10. I used to live in Waterloo and loved the historic sites and towns nearby. Victoria Ess

  11. We live in London! I think this would make a great day-trip!


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