Butterfly Mini-Unit Study

Over time this year our "review" weeks have turned into interest-based learning weeks.  Our last review week we (instead of reviewing what we've learned) learned about Japan

For this scheduled "review" week we asked Emma what she wanted to learn about and her answer was an enthusiastic "Butterflies!!"

We read from three books:
For a little bit of fun we bought Emma a Butterfly Tiara to complete.  She loved this and wouldn't take a break until it was complete.

How better to end our little mini-unit study for Emma, than to visit the Butterfly Conservatory?

Our biggest "take home lesson" was little miss Emma does NOT like butterflies, after all.  She has declared she is "ALL DONE!" learning about butterflies and would like to do cats next.

From the conservatory we got a nice sturdy handout that showed pictures and names of the various species we might find. 

Top Row:  1) emerging Blue Morpho  2) female Great Eggfly ?  3) Julia
Middle Row:  1) male Great Eggfly ? 2) male Rumanzovia Swallowtail ?  3)  Rice Paper  4) blue form Doris ?
Bottom Row:  1) Owl Butterfly  2) Postman ?  3) Butterfly "safari" spectator

To Connor's delight there were also rare bugs (live) and a separate section for displays of beetles and spiders and other gross things mom was not humored with.  lol.

Katydid (leaf bug) and Goliath Beatles, and that is where my picture taking bravery ended.

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  1. What a great place! Look at all those beautiful butterflies! Thanks for sharing at FTF!!


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