Week 17 recap: The Mitten

Our "week 17" was back in January.  (yep, I'm behind in weekly recaps).  This week I'm drawn to more so let go of the "word" of West Word, and just show you the Wests.

This week was a review week for us, and I decided, last minute, to go with a FIAR style of reading one specific book for 5 days, then branch out from there.  So our "review" week became "The Mitten" week, with a 2, 4 and 7 year old.

We began with calendar time with Her Royal Highness.

Connor and Emma painted their own "mittens" while Sammy painted snowballs.

We read snowy type books from the library (public and our own)

The red cardinals reminded me of a wonderful post I came across.  (look there for instructions)

This was a week full of child-led creativity.  We had self portraits in pajamas.

Meanwhile Connor (age 7) illustrated and wrote a book.  ;)

There was more self portraits

We had a mitten lunch one day, then outdoor play in the snow.  (and no one lost a mitten)

We came in for hot cocoa drinking and painting and hair styling.

Little Princess (lover of worksheets) worked in a work book while big brother tinkered with a broken (very broken) camera and remote.

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