The Snowy Day {b4FIAR}

Back in mid-January we "rowed" The Snowy Day , by Ezra Jack Keats.  This is one book that, after our first reading of it back in 2012, we have continued to read each winter.  It is just such a wonderful, endearing story that kids easily can relate to.


In addition to our regular devotions we were focusing this week on being modest.  I find this topic a difficult one to address with such young kids.  I have yet to find a decent book about modesty that isn't about sexual abuse or stranger danger.  So we just stuck with a super simple printable bible verse poster from Hubbard's Cupboard.

In addition we listened to songs off the Purity CD from Seeds Family Worship.

We also discussed modesty in that Peter has a very modest (humble, quiet) demeanor. 


On the topic of modesty and dressing we focused on several fun books and activities about dressing for the weather.

For Connor's level (2nd grade) we read Too Hot? Too Cold?: Keeping Body Temperature Just Right by Caroline Arnold.  This has a lot of information.  It talks about hot vs cold blooded animals and how each adapts to weather changes.

For Emma's level (jK) we brought out all our fun snowy books from our own home library, and brought in some non-fiction from the public library.  (not all are pictured and I'm not going to list them as it don't really matter, use what you have and can find).

One of my favorite books to read along with The Snowy Day, is Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London.  This is a delightful tale of an eager frog that wants to go out to play and keeps forgetting articles of his winter attire.  My kids just love this book. 

There are some great story props for this book over at KizClub.

Emma and Sam (age 2) also loved dressing a cat for various weather.  (also found at KizClub, under "What Should I Wear").  I stuck magnets on the back of the clothing so things wouldn't slide around.

Since Emma loved the dressing aspect of these printables (the Froggy and the cat) I also found her a vintage paper doll to play with.  She adored it but thought the young girl was missing a prince so she colored and cut out a prince to go with the paper doll.


I found a really neat wintry living math book at the library called, Counting on Snow by Maxwell Newhouse .  It's starts off at the number 10 (caribou) and counts down to 1.  As the number gets smaller the snow gets thicker and the animals get harder to see.  I really liked that it showed how certain animals are camouflaged in winter, expanding the lesson beyond just a simple math book.

We worked on snowflake patterns from  I printed off various snowflakes for the kids, depending on their ability.

Language Arts

Again, with KidzClub.  We used "Winter Words" with Emma and "Winter Puzzle" for Connor.


We ended the week with sledding like Peter (but with sleds), and had a snowball fight that included the little kids.

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  1. Oh, what a delightful family! Visiting from weekly wrap-up. I love literature based learning!


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