Simple Stress Free Ways to Celebrate Family on Valentine's Day

I'm the type of person that can easily stress myself out over holidays, trying to keep up with all the talent found on the internet.  One year I tried dropping the "hallmark" holidays altogether, but Connor was having none of it.

"Mom!  We need to decorate the house!  We need to make cakes and have a party!" 

For the record, I've never hosted a party, nor decorated my house to the max for any holiday big nor small.  So that statement out of Connor's little enthusiastic mind is, to me, just a testament to just how extroverted he is.  He craves parties and people and visual noise.  I crave quiet and simplicity.

I do want my children to know they are cherished.  Yet, I also don't want to go over the top and stress myself out. 

So I came up with a simple, stress free way to shower my kids with a bit of extra love around Valentine's.

I took all the child art works I had laying around, that I didn't intend to keep, and each night I'd fold a piece over at cut out 4 hearts - one for each member of the family excluding myself.  I then would write one little positive note to them and tape it on their door to find in the morning.

I did one heart a night for each person, leading up to Valentine's Day.  I found this to be a great exercise for two reasons.
  1. you encourage your child and spouse
  2. you lead your thoughts into the right direction with positive thinking towards your child and spouse

One simple art work you could do before cutting up paper is a simple paint with cookie cutter.  Mix up two plates of red paint, and have a mini color lesson on mixing one plate with a little bit of white.  Then stamp away!  Once dry you could then use it to cut up hearts for the door.  (I also used toddler crayon scribbles to cut up)

On the morning Valentine's Day, I also went super simple for breakfast.  Simple for mom, special for kids.  I put a scoop of yogurt into a dish and simply sprinkled pink sprinkles on top!  The kids were pleased, and I wasn't stressed.  Win win.

What are some ways you keep the holidays stress free?

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