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There are some titles from the Before Five in a Row curriculum that just don't interest my (now) 8 year old, and that is perfectly understandable since they are written for 2-4 year olds.  I just let him wander off to "bigger boy" type things and we read related books in his age group.

There are a select few books that, when I begin to read to Emma (4), Connor will come running over to listen too.  This book, is such a book.  I'm not sure what it is about this book, since out of all the titles selected for the curriculum, this book I'd say is the most simple and maybe the most "baby-ish".  Yet, Connor came each time I read.  So sweet.


For this week we took the obvious route in our character study and focused on "Prayerful".

We focused on verse Philippians 4:6-7 using the Seeds of Courage, Verse 2 and printables from Bible Verse Printables.

With Sammy (2) we read from our The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers, about Daniel.  Connor (8) learned the Lord's Prayer with a File Folder Game from, while Emma (4) colored pages from the Prayer Coloring Page.

For a broader list of books about prayer, for children, I made a list on amazon.

"Through the darkness, through the night, let no danger come to fright." 

We discussed fear, and how to overcome fear (through prayer).
We read Bear Feels Scared by Karma Wilson.

"Bless other children far and near, and keep them safe and free from fear."
We talked of children around the world.  We found humongous books from the library, so I just had the kids choose a page a day to read.

We read
"Bless this milk and bless this bread"
We had a cow themed week.
Sammy and Emma learned the basics with our fisher price farm and some silly books.
They also enjoyed an app called ABC Farm - Peapod Labs LLC.  We love this whole series!  Every so often they are offered for free in the app store.

Connor and Emma read with me from Milk : from cow to carton by Aliki.  Connor declared milk "so disgusting!" after learning how it is made.  (he still drinks it though, lol).

Math/Language Arts:

Emma enjoyed many of the printables offered at Homeschool Share and Homeschool Creations.

The praying hands was really neat for me to revisit.  Back when Connor "rowed" this book, he had included our immediate family, Pastor, and his cousins.  With Emma she just included her Aunt and her daughters, Jesus, Grandma "and that is ALL!"

Unrelated to the "row", Emma worked on her phonics with This Reading Mama and while Connor (among other things) worked on opposite words with a fun iPad app, The Opposites - Mindshapes Limited.


We have our own "little painted chair", that we out for this week.   (usually it's kept upstairs with the bedtime reading books).

Connor worked on his mediating skills.  ;D


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