Goals for January

I'm linking up with my cousin, Our Holly Days, in talking about my goals for this month. 

My take away thoughts of last year are that I need more structure.  I need to be more purposeful in setting goals monthly and weekly.  I thought it would be less stress to be a "care-free, go with the flow" person.  So not true.  It adds so much chaos to our life.  Goals and expectations are my plan.

Personal Goals:


  • Get up early every day and read along with She Reads Truth.  There is no purpose and no goal worth more than the everlasting one.  Without this, there is only failure and discontent.  I have spent months where I was diligent with this, and those were the months I was the most calm and content.  I have spent months without reading daily, if at all, and those are my worst months.  Full of anger and discontent, sorrow and ill expectations.  The latter is not the life I want. 

School Goals:

  • Plan out our days, in advance.  Winging it, is utter chaos.  Truly.  I really don't know what I was thinking on that one.  It's okay to laugh with me here, because I'm also shaking my head.  I mean really.  I can't help but laugh at myself about that.

Household Goals:

So far, for this month, I've kept up with 3 separate new year organizing plans.  I do not know that I can keep up with all 3 plans, but currently I am doing them all to see what is the best fit for our current season in life.

I've been keeping up with The January Cure 2015, 34 weeks of Clean, and A Bag a Day.  So far, it's been going great.  I wrote up a list of things to purge for the "bag a day" and hung it on the fridge so my husband would also know what is intended for this month. 

As of right now it's all going super.  I'm loving that flowers is a "goal" with Apartment Therapy.  Little Emma was so excited; my little girly girl.  So my goals:
  • more flower power.  Flowers just add so much to the house.
  • simply, stick to the goals already laid out for me in the plans I chose to follow.  Forget the rest.  One thing at a time.  I tend to freak out with the chaos of this season in our life.  Young kids and clutter and all-  It's overwhelming.  The problem here, with myself, is flipping out and trying to do everything all at once.  Pacing.  These great blogs  have already laid out the plan.  Focus there and no where else.

Are you a goal setter?  Go ahead and link up over at Our Holly Days.

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  1. I may have to participate in one of those organization blogs with you! Thanks for sharing your goals!


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