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Recently we completed a "row" with Corduroy, by Don Freeman.  This book quickly became Emma's favorite and she still frequently talks about at home, or even while we are out.  Most recently we went to the mall and seen an escalator in the distance.  She was so excited.  We stepped into a Lush store and Emma excitedly told the cashier all about Corduroy and his adventures involving an escalator. 

As I've said before we are working our way through the b4FIAR curriculum with a preschooler (K4) and a 2nd grader.  What this has ended up looking like for us, is Emma will listen to the story while Connor works on something like math or penmanship.  Emma and I might do a few fun activities related to our book, then I'll introduce Connor to a themed topic at his age.

This post is not intended to replace the b4FIAR manual.  The manual is so rich in content and a great asset to have, especially if you are new to homeschooling.  It is plenty enough as a stand alone, so what we did in addition is just extras.

Bible/Character Trait

We do devotions separate, but we sometimes also do an extra tie-in.  This week we focused on being loving with Proverbs 17:17 at Totally Tots

We also adore the series by P.K. Hallman.  Perfect for a week with Corduroy is, Let's Be Friends.

For Social Studies we read a few different books on homes, families and stores.
  • Where We Live by Brenda Stones.  This book takes the young reader all around the globe, looking at different homes.
  • Around the World: Home by Kate Petty  Another global look at homes, but through the eyes of the children.
  • Families Have Together by Harriet Ziefert.  A simple rhyming book of belonging.
  • What's In Store? by Pippa Goodhart.  This book is a "search and find" within the setting of a department store. 
Language ArtsWe do language arts separate from the b4FIAR, but I still like to find cute books related to our row, if I can.
  • Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett.  This is an adorable and funny book that all my kids just loved.  It's a book that plays on the words and grammar of "Orange, Pear, Apple, Bear".  Just brilliant.  "Apple, Bear" ; "Apple Bear".
Math.  We focused on actual coins last week, so this week we talked about saving, since Lisa had to save up to purchase Corduroy.  Again, we love to read.
For math we also played a scholastic printable game, Lady Bug Spots, to learn even and odd numbers, using buttons.  Another day we did a maze using a printable from, Read and Play section.

  • Homes by Yang-haun.  This is yet another book on homes, but this time of animal homes.  Very poetic and the illustrations are lovely.

Again, using, we did a craft for Corduroy.  Emma just absolutely loved this.  It was great cutting practice and a great practice of diligence (she would not stop until every speck of plate was covered).

For fun reading we read
2nd grade tie-in

For our Corduroy week Connor learned about the history of toys, he learned about homes in other cultures and we talked about money (saving and spending).

Math:  For math Connor read My Rows and Piles of Coins, by Tololwa M. Mollel.  I really loved this book and how it relates to the story of Corduroy, but in a more grown up way.  Like Lisa in Coruroy, the story of My Rows and Piles of Coins has a young boy, Saruni, saving money to make a purchase.  But in contrast, Saruni is saving up to buy a bike - not for his own pleasure, but to help lighten the load of his mother.

We also read Math at the Store by Ellen Weiss.

Social Studies:  {community helper, builder; department stores; history of toys}

Connor read Nate the Great and the Big Sniff by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat.  The setting of this story is a department store, so I selected this as an independent read for Connor.

In the story Corduroy longs for a loving home.  I was looking at the library on non-fiction topics of homes and seen this easy reader on building a home, A Day in a Life of a Builder.  Connor loved this book and read it often.  At one point he was following me around the house spouting off information on the characters and what role they played in the story. 

Connor wasn't excited about one book I chose for him, Toys!: Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions, until I read one chapter, then I read the index.  He was so intrigued and finished the book on his own.  "(Play-doh) started out as a product for cleaning wallpaper"

This cracked me up.  He read about play-doh then grabbed our most recent homemade dough and tested it out for cleaning our sliding glass door.

Art:  we made a piggy bank, inspired by Delightful Learning's post of Corduroy.  (Emma wanted nothing to do with the making of the piggy bank, so this was Connor's project).

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