5 Minute Friday: Send

{I'm joining up with katemotaung.com in five minute Friday.  Just writing on one word for 5 min with no editing or worrying.  Free writing.  This week is:  Send}

When I think of the word "send" I think of mail.   The snail mail type of mail.   And when I think of snail mail I think of "way back when". 

Way back, when people used to take the time to write others.  

It actually wasn't that long ago, but now it is so rare and seems so far gone.  

Hand written letters and cards, sent to loved ones .... That's something I wish still happened.  

Instead you get typed out cards. Machine printed cards.  Printed on photos cards.  But nothing hand written. 

Those "old" hand written notes are some of my most treasured possessions. 

Why?  Because handwriting is so personal.  I can pull out my cards and see a bit of handwriting and my heart will skip a beat, even 10 years later, ..."grandpa!".  

When my Grandma passed away this past December, one of the first things I did was race to my tote of memorabilia and I dug around for her letters.   I needed to see.  I needed to hold her writing close.   Read her words of love she sent so long ago.  




  1. There is still nothing like getting snail mail. A hand-written letter or note makes a world of difference and definitely brings sunshine to my days! Maybe its time to send some snail mail of my own...shine a little light in the lives of those I love.

  2. You just inspired me to write about something I have been thinking of for awhile, so thank you!! You are so right. I love the handwriting. http://bellesbazaar-heather.blogspot.com/2015/01/send-5-minute-friday.html

  3. I agree! Email is super-efficient, but handwritten mail is special. Similarly, it's temptingly easy to order Christmas cards that are already printed with our names--some places will even mail them for you!--but it can't be as special to the recipients.

    You reminded me: We were just cleaning out boxes of old papers, and came across a short note that my father-in-law wrote to my son, long before my son was able to read it. It was a gift to be able to share it with my son, who hardly remembers his Grandpa.


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