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This week we focused on the story, *Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack.  Angus is a little Scottish Terrier that becomes discontent with his "normal" life and sets off to find something new and more exciting.   He sets out for adventure and soon becomes lost.

Marjorie Flack is also the author of *The Story about Ping and *Ask Mr. Bear - two additional titles chosen in the FIAR series.
There is so much suggested in the b4FIAR manual, so we picked out a couple things and away we went.  This week we chose to focus on these specific subjects (some suggested, some not):
  • courageous
  • safety - with dogs, with being lost
  • dogs - nonfiction
  • caves


Everyday we'd do our regular devotions, with *Long Story Short .  Then we'd listen to a song from the Seeds of Family Worship, Volume 1:  Seeds of Courage.  We just love this music ministry in our home.  You can find printables over at Bible Story Printables.  We like to print a poster and hang it on our school wall to follow along as we listen to the song.

In addition, we do several of the activities from Kids of Integrity:  Courage

In our school we love love love to read.  I created a page to showcase all the books I believe to be great for character building.  You can find up above in the tabs, all the way to the right, or you can find it {here}.


Whenever we are out walking or at a park, if Emma (4) or Sam (2) see a dog they immediately try to run over and pet the dog.  I found this to be a great opportunity to freshen up on some pet safety tips.  Like never ever pet a dog without asking first, and to always respect the owners wish if he/she says "no."

dog safety
From our library, we checked out *May I Pet Your Dog?: The How-to Guide for Kids Meeting Dogs (and Dogs Meeting Kids).  The kids loved this and learned so much.  The only thing I changed as I read was the part where you greet the dog the text reads "hold out your hands, with your fingers down".  I made sure to change it to "hold out your hands, with your hand closed".

Emma colored some safety posters found at Make Learning Fun.
We also focused on "lost", but only lightly.  We read these books:
  • *I Lost My Dad by Taro Gomi.  This is a simple book about a young boy who lost his dad, and goes in search of him.  You lift the flaps to see his dad (or not) behind.  This is a fun book, not meant to instruct in safety. 
  • *Little Rabbit Lost by Harry Horse.  This is another "fun" (not informational) book about being lost.  Little Rabbit is much too big to be told what to do.  This reminded me of my Connor (7) so much.  Always running ahead, not heading warnings and clearly is "all grown up now".  Cute book for the little "big" kids, with a happy ever after ending.


For Emma we used this adorable Dogs Preschool Pack found over at Homeschool Creations.

Connor (7) read non-fiction books on dogs we found at the library.  He also learned specifically of Scotty's with the help of Enchanted Learning.

For Emma, we read fun books like *Froggy Gets a Doggy and *If You Give a Dog a Donut.


We borrowed *It's Fun to Draw Pets from our local library.  Here's our preschool (age 4) results - I present to you alien dog and smurfy cat:

how to draw pets

Additional Fun:

Angus Lost Lapbook at HomeschoolShare
Angus Lost preschool printable pack at Homeschool Creations
Printable Puppy Craft at Learn Create Love
Angus Lost wrap up at Delightful Learning

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  1. Looks like a sweet week {I remember the days of FIAR fondly}.


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