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When Connor was in Kindergarten I had just had a Sammy.  Times where busy and the least of my worries was keeping my blog up to date, so I dropped it for a bit. 

Yesterday I was going thru old photos and stumbled upon photos of "week 14" of Connor's school.  We live in Canada, but I hail from the States.  As a result we celebrate two different versions of Thanksgiving.   This version is the American Thanksgiving.  Mayflowers, pilgrims and Indians.  (in case you're curious, Canada's is all about celebration of a bountiful harvest - no mayflower or pilgrim.  Both celebrate with family over a table full of yummy food).

It was such a fun week, I had to now share.

I remember we started our week with watercolors, using Carissa's Thanksgiving "Just Color" pack..  We had just discovered the iPhone (or iPad) app, MemeTales, and we were listening to StickFiggy's The First Thanksgiving while painting  (which is why Connor is gripping my phone in the one photo).

We found an absolutely adorable "old lady" poem online, and followed a rabbit trail to a blogger that had (at the time) free printables to make a syllable sort.  I made a puppet out of it, but cutting out all the graphics; I taped the lady to a paper bag, cut a slit under the flap to make a "mouth", and inside I taped a baggie to catch the foods.

Since the time we've first did this the maker of this set has updated it and sells it at her shop.  TOTALLY worth every penny.  This version of the "I know an old lady who swallowed..." classic has a unique thanksgiving twist.  The kids love this, and we still have it two years later.  Anyway, here's the link ===>  I Know an Old Lady.

We did some adorable themed math printables (and more) found over at Homeschool Creations.

And then of course, our special snack this week was a Mayflower ship.  You can print your sails on that link there.  We didn't really follow the recipe, because again, there was a new baby.  I was all about minimalizing so I just skipped the mixing of a dip and bought ready made dip.  I forgot about raisins but Connor thought to add bread, saying they were the pilgrims.

For Kindergarten we were using Heart of Dakota.  I had needed something simple, and all set up for me, since I had a newborn and a toddler in the house.  It was so perfect for this time, and Connor loved it.  The math was very hands-on. 

I would have continued with the Heart of Dakota, if only it weren't so heavily American.  (this is coming from a fellow citizen - but my kids are Canadian.)

Anyway, this all happened when we were on Unit 12 in Little Hands for His Glory.

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