Creative Nature Study {a review}

One area I've struggled with over the years, as a homeschooler, is with nature study.  I'd look online and see (what I thought) were elaborate and time consuming studies accompanied by lapbooks, and I'd feel so overwhelmed that most of the time I'd skip it all together.  Sometimes I'd make half hearted and hurried attempts on a walk, completely missing the point to slow down and allow the children to explore as they naturally are inclined to.  I'd hurry them along, always with the goal to get done quick so we can get back inside.  Or we wouldn't go out at all.  "Maybe next year we'll go outside more".

This week I had the honor to read a unique nature ebook from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  Reading the Creative Nature Study for the Schoolhouse Review Crew was such a rewarding experience.

The ebook isn't at all what I was expecting.  What I expected was something more like a step by step guide.  What I got was so much more beautiful.

Inside are beautiful stories to encourage you on your journey of homeschooling.  Each story is unique and different.  The feeling, while reading this, wasn't a stuffy step by step formal guide, but more a "take you by the hand" and gently lead you along, showing you some ideas with the purpose to set you free on your own adventure - now armed with a wealth of ideas, encouragement, and resources.

After reading all the stories, I felt confident that I can make my own story.  To get out of the comparison trap.  I feel I can now embrace the nature and stop trying to avoid it out of fear I'm doing it wrong.

What we did first, after reading just 18 pages out of the 77, was go to the aquarium.  Who knew that an aquarium would be considered a nature study!?  (don't laugh, I really didn't realize).  We chose to go to the aquarium because Connor has a passion for sharks. 

While waiting outside the aquarium the kids were naturally drawn to nature, as always.  The older two found pigeons to observe and play with (the pigeons kept flying past them), and Sammy found a leaf that he carried for a half hour while we explored.

The next day I finished reading this gem of a book and found the many great printables in the appendix.  The kids drew and wrote their experience with the pigeons from the day before, then we headed out on another adventure.

The gals that wrote this ebook are so inspiring and encouraging I felt drawn to brave this trip in 20 degree weather, 3 young kids, and solo (dad at work).  We had a blast!

My "take home", from reading Creative Nature Study, is that the biggest hang up with our Nature Studies is me.  Go where they lead you, and you'll be just fine.

I am very grateful I had the honor to review this ebook.  It is truly an invaluable resource to have for your homeschool.

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