Week 7: The Mole Sister

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This week we didn't "row" any book with b4FIAR.  We just simply continued on with our main learning, which is *Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions for our bible learning (absolutely loving this) and we also are reading *The Mystery of History, Volume I Quarter 1.  Then beyond that, for preschool (K4), just child-led learning. 

We went to the library and found some books.  Emma was in love with the Mole Sisters this week.  We'd read it each day, several times a day.
In this adorable story the mole sisters find what they believe to be a fairy ring.  They see no fairies, so with the help of their imagination they become fairies themselves.
It just so happened that we had all the pieces the mole sisters had used in their transformation.
Emma also helped out in the kitchen when we made banana bread.  She was in charge of mashing the bananas.
In addition to imaginative play and life skills training, I have started to just do our own unit study learning based on what we are reading in Long Story Short or Mystery of History.
This week we were learning about the Sumerians in Mystery of History.  We did a cuneiform craft using Answers in Genesis.  (This is more for Connor, 2nd grade.  Emma sometimes listens, sometimes doesn't and that's okay either way since she's only 4).
We learned some facts about Israel with *Children's Atlas of God's World , then cooked up a recipe found in *Eat Your Way Around the World, Tzimmes (Sweet Carrot Casserole).  Connor, our food enthusiast, announced he wanted to move to Israel immediately.
Emma has been joining Connor in his math, whether it be Math U See or a workbook.  With Connor I'm usually changing up his math and skipping around to keep it fresh for him and new, otherwise he struggles and gets super upset and "hates" math.  We rotate with Math U See, Building Thinking Skills and Mathematical Reasoning. (the latter two both are made by The Critical Thinking Company)

This week we were using Building Thinking Skills and he was not understanding the geometry, so we pulled out the pattern blocks and he instantly got it.  So thankful we can take our time on math and use so many different manipulative or whatever until he gets it.  As a bonus, Emma is picking up really fast and is far ahead for her age.
What I particularly love about Building Thinking Skills is the pages rip out and I can slip them in a dry erase board or photo copy so the page can be saved for another child.  I also love that the instructions give the option for a verbal answer.  I find that Connor is much more receptive this way, as he hates writing.
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  1. The cuneiform craft looks awesome, and I love how you all brought a story alive. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I have GOT to get The Mole Sisters! That looks like the sweetest book :)


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