Week 5: If Jesus Came to my House {B4FIAR}

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with BFIAR

"If Jesus came to your house, would he be your age and height? How would you treat him? Would you give him your nicest toys and let him have the longest turn on your rocking horse?
In this simple, touching story, a young boy realizes that he can treat others according to the lessons he would learn if Jesus really did come to his house."

This version of If Jesus Came to My House isn't the version intended by the author of FIAR.  There is an earlier version that apparently is very simple drawings - yet very moving according to the manual or the 1 star reviews on Amazon (all are angry reviews about the illustrations being changed). 

Personally, I don't mind the watercolor illustrations of this new edition.  Anyway, moving on.


This week, in addition to our regular bible studies, we focused on respect.  We used a small lesson book, Get Wisdom.  We also used pieces of the Character First Education curriculum.  Mostly, with that, we use the coloring page and Nature Story.  I'm able to gather our things for the day while they listen to the video and make a craft.  Connor always want to add brads to his crafts so it's moveable.

I feel the need to again say that this is just what we focus on that relates to our BFIAR studies (in this case, respect/hospitality topic).  This isn't the whole of our bible lessons, just an addition. 

Language Arts:

Emma did a couple pages from Homeschool Creations printable pack.

Our nursery rhyme this week was "Little Miss Muffet"  (because how rude of the spider to come sit beside her uninvited!  lol)  We role played and used props from KizClub.  Emma absolutely loved this and we must have done it about 30 times in a row.


We made shadow puppets.  I just took a large craft stick (popsicle stick) and a black piece of construction paper.  I'm not the best artist but kids are pretty forgiving and Emma at least knew what shape my puppet was cut out to be (a cat) so I'll call that a win.

Our go along books: {ie:  library finds}

Madeline's Tea Party
Tea Party Rules (the favorite this week)

Other than that, our week was unrelated to the BFIAR title.

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