Adorable & Affordable Halloween decor

As homeschoolers we are usually pretty tight on money (read: one income budget for a family of 5).

I was searching for some simple and budget friendly ways to decorate for Halloween. Things that would be around the house, or cost a dollar or two. This is what I came up with, with the help of Pinterest.

1st: We made a mummy pumpkin.  (inspired by Better Homes and Garden's Gauzy Glow Pumpkin - we skipped fabric stiffener, glue, and paint to make this even more affordable. Just tuck in the end of your gauze and it will stay just fine.) 

This was right up our alley with our lover of Ancient Egyptians (Connor). We happened to have a large loot of gauze my mil had packed into a homemade emergency 1st aid kit. Now, this was certainly not her intent for the gauze, but none-the-less it worked perfect.

What I'd do different:  I wouldn't wrap the pumpkin so thick.  Let some orange show thru.

2nd:  (I wish I could link you to my inspiration, but sadly the link is corrupt now ... but check my Pinterest board for a picture of it.)

This is just so simple to do as a homeschooler of young kids.  All you need is black construction paper, scissors, tape, tissue paper, and maybe a pencil to sketch your monster.

This one cracked me up each time we'd arrive home in the dark.

Tips:  Use your imagination, and remember that mistakes are okay - monsters are far from perfect.  Use different colored tissue paper on the eyes for even more variation and fun.

3rd:  (inspired from the one and only Martha Stewart)  Vampire pumpkins! 

Connor seen vampire teeth at the dollar store one day and just had to have them.  They come in packs of many, so I was looking for ways to use them up.  This is just such a cute idea and it's all what I already had on hand - hence the pink pins, ha! 

I didn't use the template offered on Stewart's site, I just free handed it and it was still okay.

4th:  With the name West, how could I not fall for the Wicked Witch of the West décor I stumbled upon over at Holiday Snob!?

My own spin on this one was that I used glitter glue.  Again with the budget and using what was available to us at this stage in our lives.  ha!!  I searched the thrift store for any red shoe I could find.  As it turned out, there were many to choose from, and I settled on a pair of suede ones.  (please don't faint that I ruined them with glitter glue).  I also hit up the dollar store and grabbed the most colorful striped knee highs I could find.  Then I stuffed them with plastic bags. 

I laminated the sign offered over at Holiday Snob, and used left over ribbon I had saved from a gift the mil gave me. 

So really, just use what you have around your own home, or on the cheap at the dollar store, and make it unique to you!  ;)

Last:  Don't forget to decorate your babies.  ;)   This adorable candy corn hat was made with love by Sam's very talented Grandma.

Take a peek at the rest of my pinned Halloween ideas:

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