Tot School Week 4: Favorites

For Sam (23 months), I go by his lead.  I don't pressure him to learn anything and there's no expectations other than "have fun".

Going by his lead, the boy loves to color.  Loves.  To.  Color. 

Because he loves to color, and to be included when his big brother and sister are busy with a worksheet, he gets these adorable sheets, Zoomin' Movin' Alphabet, from Royal Baloo.  This week he got Q is for Quad.  The only goal I have for Sam with these is just the most basic of introductions to the alphabet.  I'll say "Q! kwa!", then hand him a stamper to do whatever he wishes.  I'll often also say the color a few times while he stamps.

We go to the library once a week.  Lately, Sam spends 100% of his time there coloring.  He colored every sheet they had on the table. 

This week, if he wasn't coloring, he was playing with this "tot tray" I had set up for big sister.  She was learning about sounds and ears and Sammy just fell in love with the whole thing.  He opened each egg and would keep busy pouring into little buckets and back into the egg.  Over and over again. 

His most favorite thing, every week so far, is his harmonica .  I am so very glad I got this for him.  It goes everywhere with him.  Most kids run and play at the park.  Sam?  No.  He'll just sit and serenade the crowd.  ;)

I just love the harmonica.  As a first instrument, you just can't go wrong with this.  The noise isn't offensive like some beginning instruments can be.  lol.

(I advice not to go cheap on harmonicas.  We got one from the dollar store to "save money" and it was a waste of time and money.  They are hard to get to make any noise and are so poor in quality.  Get a good quality and it is so simple to make a noise!)

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