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The Quiet Way Home, by Bonny Becker, is often a skipped over title of the Before Five in a Row (b4fiar) line up.  It is out of print and hard to find for a reasonable price.  In the past we just did similar titles, like The Listening Walk .

This year, we were finally able to fully enjoy this wonderful title, in a new way.  It is available (for only $0.99) in the app store for iPhone or iPad use, read by the author herself!  I do enjoy a real deal book more.  However, since that wasn't an option the iPad was a decent substitute. 

We "rowed" this with a 1, 4 and 7 yr old.  They all had a grand time.

Each day we begin our lessons with Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions.  I absolutely love this book.  Love love love it.

This week, after devotions we sang along with Seeds of Purpose, Psalm 34:11-14 with this great printable at Bible Verse Printables.

After bible lessons, we move on to some character education.  We use Kids of Integrity and sometimes we use Character Education printouts and videos.  This week we focused on Attentiveness.

What goes better with Attentive education than some listening ears!?  I had saved the cardboards that are at the bottoms of some paper packs or the end of pads of paper.  They came in great for this.  Cereal boxes would be great too.

The best book for this, we found, is Listen, Buddy .  It is so fun for the kids, and they get in some rhyming practice.  We read this every day, by the kids' request.

One day I put Sam on my lap and read The Ear Book, by Al Perkins.  The other two quickly gathered around also.  This is such a fun book to introduce "ear science" to the littlest guys.

Afterward I busied Connor and Emma with an ear worksheet each, from  Meanwhile, I gathered our silliest Easter eggs from storage.  Inside each one I put just whatever random object I could find.  I ended up with: 1) pencil eraser, 2) black beans, 3) craft feather, 4) rice, 5) quarters, 6) marbles.

I put a matching item into one small plastic tub each.  (I saved some applesauce tubs for painting and we use them all the time for various things). 

When the kids were done I called them over to guess what was inside each egg as I shook it.  I pointed out their choices in the tubs.

Emma got mad at me about the feather.  She was insistent there was nothing in the 'feather' egg.  I opened it and the feather shot out.  She doesn't like to be wrong so she quickly grabbed those up and declared we were all done with them.

This "sound tray" was such a HUGE hit.  (and it didn't take long for Sammy to come hurrying over demanding to be included).  It ended up staying on the tray all week, to move around from kitchen to living room for play.  Sort of a tot sensory tray I suppose. 

Ears are also responsible for balance.  I read a non-fiction kid book on ears, from the library, to Emma.  (it doesn't matter which one.  There's so many out there, just grab whichever is available at your library).  At the end of the book it was saying how the liquid in our ears will keep moving, if we suddenly stop.  That's why we get dizzy sometimes.  So of course we had a round of spinning in the living room, where yet again, everyone came running for a turn.  Fun for the kids, not so fun for mom, who needs more than 5 seconds to recover from a spin.  lol.

We read balance act, then played our own version with our animal tubs and Plan Toys scale (side note:  I wouldn't recommend this for homeschooling - it's hard to get things in and out of the baskets).

We don't eat a lot of canned food, so I actually had to make a point to buy 2 cans just to do this .... but it was a hit with the kids so it was worth it. 
(it doesn't work unless the string is taunt, but the kids had fun either way) 

To end the week, with the most perfect of timings... Connor jumped on his bike and rode it for the first time, with no training wheels!!  (he's always had sensory issues, so this is really huge deal for us)  We celebrated with a dessert date night out.  Little guy was so proud of himself and was sure to announce it to all who would listen.

In all the excitement I completely forgot about my first homeschool co-op meeting, but it was so worth missing.

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