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This is our second time rowing with b4fiar.  When I first did it I had just Connor to school.  (Emma was a young tot).  To be honest, I didn't really love I am an Artist the first go around.  I did love our little art book we made, but I didn't save the pdf for that (what was I thinkin!?) and now it's gone off the interweb.  sad!

This go around with I am an Artist..... head over heels in love with how it turned out.  The difference?  I'm not pushing my 4 year old to do too many things in fear I'm not doing enough.  It's enough!  Lets say it again, all together now:  It is enough.

Let me show you, in a style that is not the norm here at West Word Blog.  (usually I'm wordy, and usually I save the best for last.... lets reverse all that)

Here's the icing on the cake - the end of our week memory maker:  a walk in a park. ...

Okay so maybe a little bit of words just for background.  There's this "grand" trail in town.  On said trail is, apparently, a pedestrian bridge.  All summer we tried to figure out the trail system and tried to find the bridge.  Each and every walk was a hot disaster.  We'd get lost.  We'd get cranky.  We'd walk for miles (6 one day!!) and find nothing.

At the end of our row this week I decided, spontaneously, to take the kids one last time to find this bridge.  And now I understand.  All those other times?  They weren't the right time.  We might have found the bridge, but we would have missed so much more.  I truly believe we were not meant to find it until this day.  No other day and no other time would have been like this.

I thought we'd merely find the bridge, and it'd be something sorta cool for the kids to walk over.  It was so much more.

We found the right trail (and knew it this time).  The kids ran the whole way.  You can't tell, but we are up high on a cliff, with a river below.  Just amazing.  Straight out of a story book.

After running, was some skipping.

And then magic happened.

"I am an artist when I see that the sun ... goes down in a fiery blaze." - Pat Lowery Collins

And then?  We found the bridge.


No body wanted to leave.  We had to, though, or we'd be finding our way back in the dark.

We turned to go and Connor screamed out.  "MOM!!  Moooom!"  The kid just about wept.  Then he finally stammered out.  "I'm an artist when I see shapes in a cloud!  Look!!  Looooook!  It's a feather!  Mom!! I see a feather!!!"

"Moooooom!!!  I see a crocodile!!!"

All of this evening was magical and nothing short of amazing.  It couldn't get any better.  Then?  This happened:

"Emma!  This is the best day ever!  Dance with me!!"

We had to, sadly, break them up and carry on with our trek back.  We got to the shadowy, treed part of the trail and I kept saying to Emma, "I am an artist when I discover shadows made by the moon!"

Emma stopped dead in her tracks, bending down to the ground.  "I'm an artist when I follow the line!!"  (coming back up with leaves)

We made our way back to the van, and with many complaints all the kids got wrangled into their seats.  The whole way home they kept yelling out all the various things they saw in the clouds.  We arrived home after bedtime, but it was so worth it.  Every minute.

Of course, we did do other things before, earlier in the week.  But all that doesn't even matter anymore.  This day, this moment - experiencing real things with them... that's what matters.

All the planning and worksheets in the world wouldn't have made a difference.  My plans can never compare to His perfect timing and His perfect plans.  He is the Artist.  The Creator.  If you only stop to look, you will be amazed and you will stand in awe, too. 

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good" Genesis 1:31

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  1. Your pictures are amazing! It was like I was there with you. I never did have an eye to take pictures that would be deemed works of art, but you have a true talent. I'm dropping in from Weekly Wrap Up blog hop.

  2. Beautiful pictures, and what an amazing experience! So glad your second time was such a special time for your family. Happy to visit from Preschool Corner. :)

  3. Beautiful! I know what it's like to do something day after day (poetry teatime, or a nature walk), and then suddenly to have a magic moment. I'm pretty sure these magic moments would not happen if we did not plod through the ordinary ones.

  4. Beautiful photos! It looks like you had a magical day :)


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