Tot School: Bugs and letter A

Sam is the 3rd child, and as the 3rd he wants to be included in things we do.  However, we are often needing to focus on things, with big brother or sister, that he can't grasp yet.  So I have decided to set out things in hopes to keep him busy.

This week big brother and sister are learning about insects and nature in general.  So Sam got a sensory bin of bugs and "dirt", going along with b4FIAR, ABC Bunny.   (he doesn't really put things in his mouth, so we're comfortable with this).  I just kept it super simple - a bag of black beans and big brother's plastic bugs and broken bug box (the lid is missing).  Later I added a "Gator Grabber Tweezer" and a magnifying glass.

He adores the book, ABC Bunny, and was often going thru it on his own.

I also printed off some things just for him, using the completely awesome "Zoomin Movin Alphabet".  I mean, he's a boy.  He loves anything with wheels.

This week we began with letter A, for Ambulance.

At this age (he's only 23 months), I'm not concerned with him learning sounds or letters.  It's more about him feeling included and having fun with us.  He knows what crayons, paints, and markers do and if he sees big brother or sister with any of the sort, he wants it too.  If he does learn his letters, bonus.  If not, there's always next year.

I gave him a stamper and said once, "ah" as I stamped, to show him.  He then continued saying "ah" periodically.  :)     (here's my instagram share that shows the video .... I can't figure out how to turn just the video to share only that.)

He also joined big brother during science.  He was pestering and grabbing at Connor's pencil, so I put him in a chair and gave him another paper from the Ambulance printable pack.  This boy loves to color.  He was there in that chair for quite some time, just scribbling.  (he's using sisters "twistables" crayon, which is perfect since it's good and sturdy.

Sam was still in that same chair when it was art time with Connor and Emma.  They were making bugs with playdough and he thought that was just great fun too!

On the day Emma was learning about The Starry Night, Sam wanted to be paint too.  So we got out the Crayola finger paints and he painted too.  Plus he painted big brother's science paper.  So helpful.  ;)
Sam is a big fan of Kinetic Sand.  This is big brother's sand, but every once in while Sam will win the lottery and Connor leaves it out.  Since he loves it so much I decided to let him have it this time.  (Again, I don't worry with him putting things in his mouth and he was supervised at all times).  He loves the feel of it running through his fingers.
Sam is my lover of music and art.  This boy wants to color all day, every day.  And if he isn't coloring he requests music.  (he absolutely loves Music for Mozarts).  So it was no surprise when we went outside that Sam decided to help Emma with her porch artwork.
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