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I was hesitant to share this week's topic of the "not back to school" blog hop over at ihomeschool network.  The topic this week is school room.

We don't have a school room.  The topic of it stresses me out somewhat, because all my favorite homeschool bloggers have such beautifully organized and/or a gorgeous room dedicated just to schooling. 

I am not one that is blessed with the gift of the naturally organized.  Is that a term?  ha!  You know what I mean.  The home is always in order, and clean.  Baskets and bins and looks like an interior designer lives there!?  Yeah.  I'm the opposite of that.  No, not the opposite - I'm not a hoarder or a slob.  But I certainly am not organized.  And we certainly do not have a house that has an office or bonus room or even a play room, that can be converted to a school room.

Over the past 4 years I've looked at other's school rooms, trying to commit to memory their ideas and mess solutions.  I've read books on organizing.  Tips on cleaning.  But I can't effectively put it into action without giving myself a migraine and/or a meltdown.  And we can't afford for everyone to have his/her own desk.  We can't afford to "move up" into a home with one more room to dedicate to homeschool.

I've allowed myself to plant the seed of doubt.  Of inadequacy.  Of imperfection.  Of not being good enough.  It spurs envy and anger.

I've allowed myself to feel so stressed, chasing after organization, that I became depressed.  I suffered.  My kids suffered.  Was it the fault of everyone sharing their awesomely put together school rooms?  Absolutely not.  It was mine.

Only recently have I come to terms with our way of schooling.  It's often messy.  It often looks like a tornado came thru and left only toys.  And that's okay.

Sometimes we get criticism from well meaning people.  "Why don't you just move everything to the basement?"  Because it feels like a dungeon to me.  "I could never have all the school things in my living area.'  Well, good thing you don't live here then!  Because that's where it stays.

We don't have much furniture, we have many bare walls, we have old and/or cheap things.  And that's okay, because we are blessed.  We have a roof over our heads at night.  We have comfortable beds and warm blankets.  We have a quiet and safe neighborhood.  We have food in the pantry.  We have fresh running water.  We have the option to send our kids to a free public school.  We have the option to keep them home to teach.  We are blessed.  And you are blessed too.

My kids are happy.  And that's all that matters.  I've learned to be okay with how we school.  I've learned to stop comparing.  And really - in the big scheme of life:  it's super petty to be jealous of anything when you live in a 1st world country.  I mean, really.  Really.

So I'm sharing our "school room" because I'm sure I'm not the only one that struggles, or has struggled, with school room jealousy; of feeling less than perfect.  Well, here's the secret to a happier life:  nobody is perfect!  We all have our gifts, and we all have our weaknesses. 

This is how we do school:  We begin in the basement, but only because the littlest guy sleeps later than my (very) early risers.  I crave sunlight though.  So we move upstairs once Sammy is up - and our dinner table becomes our desk.  And it also becomes a catch all of various school things.... and toys... and things.  We use all rooms (even the bathroom once!) to school.  We literally home school.  We school in a home, not a room.

Once I started thinking about our own ways, and stopped envying others, I realized that I love how we school.  It's flexible and we migrate, which helps me not feel so antsy.  What works for me, might not work for you - and vice versa.

So here it is.

We learn in the basement:

We just recently changed some things up, for better efficiency and less visual clutter.  But is it organized?  Nope.  lol.  It does stress me, somewhat, to not be organized.  But it stresses me more to fret over it and obsess over it.  So it is what it is.

New this year, we added a desk.  Just one, where everyone can have a spot, and we can all work together comfortably.  It's always a mess, with papers and toys.  And that's okay.

It's still not all as we want it, because I'm a more "fix it as we go" person.  Last years flag art is still on the wall.  And it will probably stay until we start school again on the 18th. 

We learn in the living area:

Believe me when I say it gets bad.  We haven't started yet, so the table is relatively clean.... except it has a random gable house on it, further proving that the dinner table is a catch all.  I need to embrace that fact, right!?  (side note:  super excited to share what that gable house is in the near future!  - and kudos if you know, but shhh)  ;)


We learn in the kitchen:

(at a table my Grandpa made himself, with wood from his lot!)

We learn on the back porch:

We learn on the front porch:

We learn at the library and around town:

Where do you learn?  (I promise I'm okay with variety now, ha!)


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  1. I loved this post and needed to hear it today. We don't have a school room either but do have a dedicated space. We'll be losing it soon as we will be staying with my parents while my husband is gone. I've been sulking a little over the loss of our space. But you're right. We are blessed. And learning can and should happen everywhere! So thank you for writing this!

  2. We actually have a dedicated school room and don't spend all our time there! I did a very similar post for this week. I have had to do what you've done because I'm not a Pinterest perfect mom. Make the decisions that are best for your family and move on. Quit getting stuck in the comparison trap!

  3. We had every intention of using our small play room as a homeschool room, but the kids prefer the kitchen table. Every family is different and does school different. I love how you do a little bit of learning in different places, inside the home and out! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Even though we have a dedicated room, we didn't for many years. And learning still happens all over the place. :)

    Your home looks warm and inviting. I love the handmade flag art. Are you using MFW? ECC was our best homeschool year, we really enjoyed virtually traipsing around the world. :)


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