Mirette on the High Wire {FIAR}

Mirette on the High Wire is wonderful story about a young girl whom lives with her mother in a boarding house (owned and operated by her widowed mother).  Mirette works very hard to help her mother with upkeep of the boarding house.  (wonderful news to a mother's ears!)  Mirette observes the comings and goings of the boarders and enjoys their stories.  But she quickly becomes fascinated by a quiet visitor, the retired tight rope walker, Bellini.  She starts practicing on her own, then with Bellini, and soon they move on to their own act.

We rowed Mirette on the High Wire for our 2nd to last week of school.  Burn out was high (because I'm an over doer), Connor had scarlet fever, and I landed myself in the ER. (I survived, btw)  ;)

I asked Connor if he wanted to take a break (what with all the chaos of sickness), and the answer was a firm "no!"  Just goes to show how wonderful the FIAR curriculum is, though!  It's so fun, he hardly knows he's 'in school', and sick or not he's going to carry on!

I backed way off on plans - making none whatsoever, and nothing extra done.  We did beautifully.  Which also proves how great FIAR is on it's own, with no extra ideas needed.  It can feel overwhelming when you look at peoples blogs or see all the fun on Pinterest.  But that doesn't mean you have to do it all either.  If you need to do simple, do simple.  If you need a break, take a break!

I just love the flexibility.

This was by far the most stress free and easiest row yet.  (probably because I stuck strictly to just the manual!!)  It's fine to do extra's, but it's so important to know when to just back off and relax.

The kids loved reading about Mirette everyday.  Connor, our avid role player, soaked it all up and wore a mustache most days.  He was Bellini and Emma was Mirette.

We've been to Niagara several times, so the kids know the size and span of it and were shocked anyone would ever go out on a rope over the falls.  I asked Connor if he'd like to.  "No way!!"

I mean, just look at the size of it!  (panoramic cell phone version)

After some thought, his pride got a little much and he figured it'd be an easy task to do.  So, we moved outside and used a skinny beam to practice our balancing, and he was so surprised at just how hard it was to do - on a board at that!

I love how encouraging he was to Emma, who he called "Mirette" for his little game.  Even at 3, she learns so much all because big brother is willing to play and act out the entire story with her, excitedly telling her little facts, like "Emma, we're in France!  That's really far away!"

You could often, during the week, find them both in the backyard engrossed in game after game of being tightrope walkers.

Back inside we looked at the very colorful illustrations and then did our own watercolors.  I love how Connor thought to make the buildings, adding windows, and painted both characters plus the audience.

I also love how Sam demands to be included too.  He did a great job of watercoloring, at just 1 year.

I guess we did do some extras, but it was only a couple books (not our usual large haul).  Emma, at the time, was very into the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.  At the library I was so excited to find a book called Dimity Dumpty: The Story of Humpty's Little Sister, and it's a circus theme!

We also found, The Red Scarf, by Anne Villeneuve.  This book turned out to be just perfect for this chaotic time in our lives.  It is a book with few words (meaning quiet picture looking!).  It's of a very fun and exciting circus adventure.

Sammy also enjoyed a cute little circus alphabet board book, which we found at Wal-mart one day.  M is for Monkey (by Fisher Price).

And that's about it, in pictures anyways.  A fun, relaxed row!

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  1. I miss my FIAR days. Love reading how other families are enjoying these favourite books. Well done for getting through your week!

  2. Wow, what a week! Glad you survived! Wonderful row, just as it is! I've loved my relaxed rows just as much as my over-the-top ones! Yes, that's the beauty and flexibility of FIAR. :)

    Thanks for linking up!


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