First Day of School Photos {how-to}

As it so happens, today we officially start school.  (Although, we haven't really stopped learning, because all summer my kids were begging for more school.)

Every year we try to take a memorable "1st day" photo, in the same spot and the same way.  For us, that's with a dry erase board, stating the grade and an "I want to be...."

Whether you homeschool, private school or public school, these are the photos you'll cherish - especially come graduation day!  Here's a few tips:
  • choose a nice location (I choose to take ours on the front parch because you can't beat natural light and your front porch will change over the years too, which will be neat to see.  Do it with the whole house in view; or maybe the neighborhood in view.
  • Take a chalkboard, dry erase board, or a plain cardstock paper - or write it all in the driveway with sidewalk chalk!
  • write the grade plus maybe a little tidbit underneath.  I like to do the "when I grow up" thing, but I've seen other super cute ideas too.  It'd also be cute to do a favorite/least favorite subject; teacher name (if public schooled); favorite toy, color, food.
The one thing I learned over the years, is to highlight the grade.  The first year I did it, I made "1st day" most prominent and it's bothersome now.  You'll want to look back and see right away the grade, because obviously it's the first day - so instead write "I am in..."  (unless you're looking to do the cute first day/last day mash ups later on)

So here are my students this year:


He is in 2nd grade and wants to be an actor when he grows up (as he wears a General Grievous suit).  His favorite subject is science.  This year he wants to learn about Star Wars, Mario, bugs, outer space and the human body.


She is in JK this year and wants to be a princess when she grows up.  She loves to color and write (copywork).  This year she wants to learn about kitties. 

Samuel (Sammy):  23 months

He is in tot school.  Because he demands to be included and noticed.  lol.  He also loves to color and he loves to be read to.  He favorite subject is wheels.  ;)  We took "best guesses" for what he will be when he grows up.  Connor says "a car guy" and Emma says "a prince".  And I say "momma's sweet baby boy!"  :D   We'll see.

Here is our blast from the past, for comparisons:

 How do you do your first day photos?
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