3 helpful books for the new big brother or sister

When I was pregnant with Emma, Connor was 3.  He was so confused as to why mommy could no longer chase him or carry him for long, or why I'd cry out and quickly tell him not to push on my belly.  I'd try to explain.  "Mommy has a baby in her belly, honey, you have to be gentle!"  He'd always stare at me in utter confusion.

My mother-in-law brought us a great book that was perfect for helping Connor's young mind know what was happening.

Baby on the Way, by Dr. Sears, has plenty of (tactful) info if you have an older child.  But for the younger it's also perfect because you can read just the first sentences, which are in bold.  It was perfect for helping him know better what to expect. 

My best friend thoughtfully sent another perfect gift, I'm a Big Brother, by Joanna Cole. (there's also one for Big Sister , which I got right away for Emma when we had Sam)

This book is so incredibly sweet and encouraging for the new big boy (or sister), who might be feeling a bit out of place with the arrival of new baby.  For us, I know it helped ease any fears Connor may have felt, and got him excited for his new baby sister.  He was so overjoyed when she came, constantly asking to hold her and he'd sing to her, pressing his little chubby cheek into hers.  Confidant now in his role as big brother, and reassured that he wasn't being replaced.
My most favorite "mama's pregnant" book, is by far Mama, What's in There?

This treasure, I found one day while browsing a store that was going out of business.  I see on Amazon, that it appears out of print now?  I'm not sure where to get it now, but anyways - if you see it in a thrift store or yard sale or someplace, scoop it right up!  It is just absolutely the cutest mama book I ever laid my eyes on.
It goes thru several animals, each with it's own "lift-a-flap", to peek inside to baby, with a poetic little line to read on each page.  It's short, sweet, and the flaps are just TOO cute!!
But seriously, just take a peek at one of the pages:

And last, (I know I said 3, but this one is bonus, lol):

Don't forget the bragging book for the new proud brother or sister.  Those first photos of the big guy/gal holding the new baby are so treasured.  Let him/her have a brag too!  Fill it with all the new moments and the re-fill in the months to come.  It is such an encouragement to them to have their own little photo book, to look at and see the happy moments.    
And of course, don't forget Big Sister!
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