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with  Five in a Row {FIAR: vol 1}
I can't sing enough praises for this book.  If you do only one book from this curriculum, pick this one.  My kids did love several other books, from FIAR, but this one was the most favorite of both kids.  We would read this book, on average, twice a day at the kids request.  When our "row" with Lentil was over and we began a new book, Emma cried.
Lentil was very purposeful in learning how to play the harmonica, so this week we focused on being diligent - or on persevering
Near the end of our school year we changed things up a bit and began to use Seeds of Family Worship and these awesome printables.
We learned 1 Corinthians 10:31, with the help of Verse 8 of Seeds of Purpose.  I'd print the "full verse" printable and we'd sing-a-long each day.  By the end of the week even Emma (3) would know the verse.  :)  
For Connor (7) I'd print the copy work and the little booklet, while Emma colored a verse.
Social Studies:

The story, Lentil, is set in Ohio.  We located Ohio on a printed map, and also found where we are and where Grandma is, in relation to Ohio.  Connor then decided he would map out how to get from our house to Ohio.  He may have taken the long way. 

Connor was so excited to be learning of "Grandma's country" this week.  So excited, that he ran upstairs to change and color "tattoos" on himself.

Emma, only 3, usually isn't overly interested in learning all the time with us - which is just fine for her age.  She does her own "school".  However, with Lentil, she couldn't get enough.  We read *There's a Map on My Lap!: All About Maps and then she suggested that she should play with our Canada map puzzle (found at the dollar store).

I printed some props from KizClub, "In the Town", and glued them to cardboard boxes from the recycle bin to make our own Alto, Ohio.


The obvious choice here is lemons.  ;)

Each kid tried one.  The boys loved it, Emma hated it.  Connor took his lemon then perched on the couch to scowl at us as we played with our town and train - role playing Old Sneep.

We borrowed a book on "Taste" from our library.  We learned that giraffes can stick their tongues in their ears and, unrelated, that we make about 2.5 pints of salvia a day.  Ick!  (we measured it with water for a great visual)

We also borrowed a couple books on hearing and sound.


Robert McCloskey uses charcoal to draw the wonderful pictures in Lentil.  I happened to have an old art set from when I was a kid and in it are charcoal pencils!  I let the kids have fun with them - they loved the mess and uniqueness of the charcoal.  (Most likely McCloskey used the charcoal sticks, but pencils are a much better choice for kids).


We didn't have a harmonica to relate to Lentil, but we do have a music bin full of noise makers.  Emma found the kazoo (while Connor role played Old Sneep).  Little Sammy was quite intrigued and made his own music.

For this "row" I wanted to purchase some extras being that we usually don't focus on music in our little homeschool - and music was such a huge part of my growing up years. 

We went to a local toy store and found this adorable *Carry Along Keyboard.  The kids absolutely love it.

I had chosen a few music related books at the library, but one ended up being particularly special. *Practice Make Perfect, by Rosemary Wells, is like Lentil in that little Timothy works hard to learn to play an instrument.  Inside is a little numbering system that we put to use with our piano and the kids were able to play Twinkle Twinkle.  They loved it so much.

We also decided to begin this really cute (and easy) music curriculum - *Music for Little Mozarts.  Sam (1) and Emma (3) particularly love the program.

For Connor (7) I added in a little history, teaching that Mozart and Beethoven were real people (and not a mouse or bear, lol).  I found a nice book at the library, *Play, Mozart, Play!, were we learned that Mozart was a child genius who wasn't allowed to do much of anything but play the piano.  Connor decided that that sounded pretty sad, except for the part of being a prodigy.

Also, at the library, we borrowed this great musical storybook DVD, *Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin and more stories for young musicians.  I got it because the book, Zin! Zin! Zin! was checked out, and I was disappointed we wouldn't be able to enjoy the book (we're book lovers).  This DVD is better though, in a way.  The kids were able to hear each instrument mentioned, plus enjoy the music of the other stories (one is a harmonica!).  They requested to watch this each day.

In Canada there's this great 5 minute program on Treehouse called 4 square.  I love it.  There's 4 different groups, Rhythm, Poetry, Movement and Song (each group is 5 mins).  We don't have cable anymore so I found a few clips on youTube for the kids to enjoy.  We're hoping to find a DVD soon, in stores.

Emma loved to clap along to the Rhythm group, while Connor enjoyed doing his own thing - he called it the martial art dance.

We didn't have a harmonica, but that didn't stop Connor from role playing as Lentil, but with a kazoo.

At the end of the week we took a field trip to the music store.  Connor left with his very own harmonica, and Emma a set of drum sticks.  Connor declared it the "best day ever."

When we got home he ran over to Mozart Mouse and Beethoven bear and put on a concert.  (and he also walked around our neighborhood, "just like Lentil".

I think the harmonica is an amazing first instrument to have for a kid.  It is not as annoying to listen to as a recorder would be.  Or a trumpet.  Or a clarinet.  (sorry what I put you through, mom.... ha!)   We got Connor this *Suzuki Folkmaster-D Harmonica.

You can find some amazing things on YouTube.  (also some not so amazing things, so it's a restricted site in our home, for the record, lol).  Connor and I really enjoyed these harmonica lessons.  Just such an amazing thing to do, what this guy shares for free!


*Fraction Fun by David A. Adler
Musical Instruments printable props at KidzClub
Zin! Zin! Zin! on Vimeo
*Beginner Harmonica - 4-Hole

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