Curriculum 2014/15

This year we will have a 2nd grader (age 7), a junior kindergartener (age 4), and a toddler (age 2).  Here's what we've got planned:

Family (Group) Study:


2nd Grade:

For Connor we will have a pieced together curriculum.  I really wanted to move forward with FIAR - finishing what we haven't done of volume 1 & 2, then moving on to volume 3.  However, our library currently doesn't have most of the books we have left to "row".  So we'll be slowly adding to our home library as we find them in the thrift stores, and then we'll come back to it another year.  In the meantime, we're just going to do unit studies on whichever book seems a good fit to match Emma's schedule this year.

I downloaded the free Language Arts exemplar, printed off the grade K-2 section, and highlighted those books we own or are at the library.

In addition to unit studies Connor will be also doing a few textbook and workbook type things.

Language Arts:
Connor reads very well for his age, so we're just focusing on fine-tuning grammar and spelling; otherwise we would have moved on to Grade 2 Hooked on Phonics.

We'll be doing much more than this, I'm sure, because Connor absolutely loves science.  We'll probably do theme related science to whichever books we are reading aloud.  A "do as we go" style.

Math: (and logic/creativity)

Junior Kindergarten (JK or K4):

Emma's main curriculum will be B4FIAR (yay!), with add-ins shown below plus whatever she wants to absorb of Connor's lessons.

Language Arts:
  • Handwriting without tears, pre-K

Tot School:

Basically, Sammy will just play.  But he also insists on being included and loves to color and paint.  So we'll be adding in special things to make him feel included.

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