FUNdamentals Learning Program by Hot Wheels

I received a Hot Wheels FUNdamentals kit in exchange for a honest review.  Content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Most kids are very much hands-on learners (I know mine are!).  Let them have fun and they will learn so much!  Give them a subject they are interested in and they will soak up more information than you expect.  Let them play and have a subject they love, and you have just found the golden ticket of learning.

FUNdamentals Learning Program, by Hot Wheels, is exactly that - a "golden ticket" of learning.  You have the toy cars (fun!) and the learning.  And the best part - its FREE!

What is the FUNdamentals Learning Program?

"The FUNdamentals Learning Program aims to provide teachers with lesson plans and resources that are designed to engage students aged 3 to 7 in fun activities that use the tacticle experience of kid-friendly toys. Created by experienced educators, this program is accessible, easy to implment in your classroom and all lessons meet curriculum expectations."

With this fun kit, I promise you won't find a kid more excited to learn.  The kits are a first come, first serve basis, and are offered 1 per classroom.

Each kit comes with:
  • Hot Wheels® Product
  • Special Offers
  • Activity Books with an entry to a School Grant
  • Lesson Plan DVD (Grade 1 & Kindergarten)
  • Welcome Letter that explains how to implement the FUNdamentals Learning Program
Both teachers and parents can visit the site,, to access all the free lesson plans, from this year and past years.  You'll find lessons in math, science, language arts and a couple lessons in visual arts. 

We focused mostly on the science, building tracks and learning what worked and what didn't and why.  The whole family ended up joining in and working as a team to come up with what Connor called "the double launcher".


You can also download the activity book from the website.  Currently, it's the "Turbo Charge Challenge".  Connor loved it so much he insisted on doing 3 in a row, staying occupied with writing and drawing for at least a couple hours.

This program is great for use in either the public school or in homeschool.  It's written with public school/class setting in mind and there are often contests to win grants for your school - but it's also great for the homeschooler.  How fun would this be used in a co-op!?  (I'm thinking the 'Hot Wheels mural backdrop' and '3D world' would be especially fun for a co-op).

I asked Connor what he loved best about the program.  His response:  "All of it."

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