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Our character focus this week was "Courteous Communication" or "Respect".
For this row we focused on Ephesians 4:32, "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."
We used *Songs for Saplings, K is for Kind, along with Homeschool Creations bible verse printables.

For Connor's preschool days, 3 yrs ago, we used Raising Rock Stars preschool.  I pulled out the letter A unit for Emma to work on the sorting of kind/rude communication.
We also used Kids of Integrity:  Courteous Communication, for their bible story suggestions, activities and crafts.

They absolutely loved the "kick-off craft" from Kids of Integrity.  They drew themselves, we pasted on a paper tongue, and decorated with honeybee stickers.  It was hung up on the wall and each time someone used a pleasant communication they'd get a check mark on their paper tongue.  The tally would be counted at night and they'd get a sweet treat (like a fruit snack) for each mark.

At the end of the week we chose one of Kids of Integrity's hands-on activities, pudding!  The pudding (your words) are but into a bag (your mouth).  The kids are asked to squeeze it all out and you talk about how your hurtful words can spill out. 

I then asked Connor to put it all back in the bag.  He panicked.  "But I can't!!  Mom!!  I can't do that!"  Which is exactly the point, you can't take back your words.  So he ate his words.  ;)

Another great verse/song/printable would be this one from Bible Verse Songs.  I didn't find it until after our row was over; I wish I had known about it.

Connor had lots of questions about Mrs. Katz's Passover meal, so we read the story several times throughout the week, from his bible.

Language Arts:

For Emma (preschool) we used an adorable printable cat unit from 1+1+1=1.

We also found some cat pages to do in her *Brain Quest book.

Connor, unrelated to the row, did some work in his note book.  One day he was talking on and on about an invention he had in mind.  A "bunk bed car."  Apparently the kids would get to be on the bottom, pretending to drive, and the parents will be on top. 

I told him he should write it all down and draw a picture.  He struggles with penmanship, so any practice at all is great, and this one he was excited about.


We did the suggestions from the manual, for math.  Actually, we did it several times, in different ways, because Connor struggled with it. 

We then were inspired to rabbit trail off onto, where I had entered in countless generations, a few years ago.  I showed Connor where he was, and how it all forks off up from him.

I've gotten in the habit to get a math book from the library, that relates to the row.  Connor hates math, but loves books, so it works perfect.  This week we got Too Many Kangaroo Things to do! (a book on multiplying).  He loved it!

Sammy (1), now insists on being included.  So I pulled out some of our tot school things and he was just tickled pink.  Here he's working on 1:1 correspondence and mess making.  ;)

Social Studies (and Art):

We got a few books from the library, on Poland.  Even Sammy enjoyed them.  lol.

We located Poland on our map, and placed our story disk there, since we have an abundance on the U.S. 

Connor then colored the flag of Poland to join the others he's done .... then he colored several others.  He hung them all up and declared it all looked like a truck and trailer.

I wanted to (very lightly) talk about why Mrs. Katz immigrated from Poland.  I found an easy reader on Anne Frank; *Anne Frank's Chestnut Tree.  It was perfect for the ages of my kids, it was very gentle and didn't go too heavy into the horror of the concentration camps.  Connor loved the book, and I think he understood the underlying seriousness of the book.  I'd find him often just holding the book, gazing at her photo, lost in thought.

The book, Anne Frank, talks about her dream of being under the open night sky.  One day Emma ran off to color, and came back with this wonderful art of her night sky.  So cute.


We have a science book, *The Tree (First Discoveries) , given to us by my Aunt, a teacher.  It was perfect for this week.  It has layover type pages to let you see the insides of nuts and trees.  It is really cool.

In addition to all the science topics already talked about, we also focused on cats - of course.

Our cat book choices: 

The only thing left unsaid is the kitty masks we made, for my lover of role playing.

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  1. This is a great unit with so many ideas! Thanks for sharing the Anne Frank book. I have many books about her, but they are all for slightly older kids. I appreciate the young child recommendation!

  2. Thank you sooo much for your suggestion of the Anne Frank book and The Tree book. It really tied a lot into our learning time and the heartfelt discussions were so wonderful.

    Happy Homeschooling and enjoy your weekend.


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