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Our character focus this week was "Courteous Communication" or "Respect".
For this row we focused on Ephesians 4:32, "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."
We used *Songs for Saplings, K is for Kind, along with Homeschool Creations bible verse printables.

For Connor's preschool days, 3 yrs ago, we used Raising Rock Stars preschool.  I pulled out the letter A unit for Emma to work on the sorting of kind/rude communication.
We also used Kids of Integrity:  Courteous Communication, for their bible story suggestions, activities and crafts.

They absolutely loved the "kick-off craft" from Kids of Integrity.  They drew themselves, we pasted on a paper tongue, and decorated with honeybee stickers.  It was hung up on the wall and each time someone used a pleasant communication they'd get a check mark on their paper tongue.  The tally would be counted at night and they'd get a sweet treat (like a fruit snack) for each mark.

At the end of the week we chose one of Kids of Integrity's hands-on activities, pudding!  The pudding (your words) are but into a bag (your mouth).  The kids are asked to squeeze it all out and you talk about how your hurtful words can spill out. 

I then asked Connor to put it all back in the bag.  He panicked.  "But I can't!!  Mom!!  I can't do that!"  Which is exactly the point, you can't take back your words.  So he ate his words.  ;)

Another great verse/song/printable would be this one from Bible Verse Songs.  I didn't find it until after our row was over; I wish I had known about it.

Connor had lots of questions about Mrs. Katz's Passover meal, so we read the story several times throughout the week, from his bible.

Language Arts:

For Emma (preschool) we used an adorable printable cat unit from 1+1+1=1.

We also found some cat pages to do in her *Brain Quest book.

Connor, unrelated to the row, did some work in his note book.  One day he was talking on and on about an invention he had in mind.  A "bunk bed car."  Apparently the kids would get to be on the bottom, pretending to drive, and the parents will be on top. 

I told him he should write it all down and draw a picture.  He struggles with penmanship, so any practice at all is great, and this one he was excited about.


We did the suggestions from the manual, for math.  Actually, we did it several times, in different ways, because Connor struggled with it. 

We then were inspired to rabbit trail off onto, where I had entered in countless generations, a few years ago.  I showed Connor where he was, and how it all forks off up from him.

I've gotten in the habit to get a math book from the library, that relates to the row.  Connor hates math, but loves books, so it works perfect.  This week we got Too Many Kangaroo Things to do! (a book on multiplying).  He loved it!

Sammy (1), now insists on being included.  So I pulled out some of our tot school things and he was just tickled pink.  Here he's working on 1:1 correspondence and mess making.  ;)

Social Studies (and Art):

We got a few books from the library, on Poland.  Even Sammy enjoyed them.  lol.

We located Poland on our map, and placed our story disk there, since we have an abundance on the U.S. 

Connor then colored the flag of Poland to join the others he's done .... then he colored several others.  He hung them all up and declared it all looked like a truck and trailer.

I wanted to (very lightly) talk about why Mrs. Katz immigrated from Poland.  I found an easy reader on Anne Frank; *Anne Frank's Chestnut Tree.  It was perfect for the ages of my kids, it was very gentle and didn't go too heavy into the horror of the concentration camps.  Connor loved the book, and I think he understood the underlying seriousness of the book.  I'd find him often just holding the book, gazing at her photo, lost in thought.

The book, Anne Frank, talks about her dream of being under the open night sky.  One day Emma ran off to color, and came back with this wonderful art of her night sky.  So cute.


We have a science book, *The Tree (First Discoveries) , given to us by my Aunt, a teacher.  It was perfect for this week.  It has layover type pages to let you see the insides of nuts and trees.  It is really cool.

In addition to all the science topics already talked about, we also focused on cats - of course.

Our cat book choices: 

The only thing left unsaid is the kitty masks we made, for my lover of role playing.

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When I Was Young in the Mountains {FIAR}

This post contains affiliate links, which means I might receive 4% if you make a purchase using these links. Affiliate links will be shown with an asterisk (*) beforehand, to clarify.

We rowed this for 1st grade, and for preschool (age 3).

This is going to be a long post.  Connor has been begging to learn about one particular topic that comes up in this book (snakes) for a couple months now.  As a result we did so much with this one week; more than usual.  I could break it up, but I want to keep it all together for anyone else looking to row the book.  With all the other topics the FIAR manual offers, this could easily have been a 2 week or more row - but we just skipped the rest for now since we'll be coming back to it when Emma is older.
We used Seeds of Worship:  *Seeds of Praise , "Better than Life", along with these printables, for our memory verse this week.  I printed the full page verse printable and I'd use a pointer and we'd sing along each day.  By the end of the week even Emma (3) remembered most of the verse!

We focused on the character trait "Content", using Kids of Integrity's Contentedness free lessons.

Here they are working on the 'kick-off craft' from the Contentedness lesson.  The noodles "represent the things they own.  Just as it is difficult to untangle the noodles, so it is difficult to disentangle us from our possessions."

They also made good snakes.  lol.

In addition, we read *Scuffy the Tugboat and His Adventures Down the River by Gertrude Crampton, *Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst, and *The Rusty, Trusty Tractor by Joy Cowley to further talk about being content.

Language Arts:

For Connor (2nd grade) one thing we did was this short and long A sound worksheet from

Both kids worked on various parts of the printable unit from HomeschoolShare.

Emma (age 3) did a bunch of farm related worksheets, tying in with the mention on cows and such in When I was Young in the Mountains.
  • This Reading Momma's Farm Unit; she also has an amazing reading curriculum that we started this week.
  • 2 Teaching Mommies has many different units that could fit this row.  We chose the farm one.  Emma's favorites were the puzzle match up and the spelling.  She'd work on these everyday.
We got two books from the library to fit the farm theme.  One was *Down on the Farm by Merrily Kutner.  The other was *Kiss the Cow! by Phyllis Root.
The kids absolutely LOVED Kiss the Cow.  We had to read it over and over again.  They loved it so much we'll be ordering our own copy, for sure.  It is an adorable book with a little song that the mom sings to the cow.  During the week Connor and Emma repeatedly would role play the story, and I'd sing the song.  Sometimes I'd get the words wrong and Connor was always sure to correct me.  I loved it.  It was great memorization practice, musical, and just plain fun.
We also worked on syllables and vowels, since Connor had been working on the long/short A.  We watched Preschool Prep DVD:  *Meet the Letters (at the end they teach the vowels, which is what we focused on).  Both kids love this set of DVDs, even Connor still.  After the DVD we worked on syllables and building simple words.
Emma used the farm packs, linked earlier, for patterning, graphing and so on.  She also worked on a snake pattern.
Connor and I measured lengths of snakes out on the floor (with a worksheet from HomeschoolShare), marking each one with masking tape and then comparing it to "Connor snake".  The biggest wouldn't even fit in our house and backyard combined.  yikes.
Sammy (age 1) helped with spicing up our worksheet.  lol.  School time is getting quite interesting lately since he demands to be included now. 
Social Studies:
I printed a world map, and created a legend of snake/country in color code.  I colored in where each snake was located then gave it to Connor to learn geography in a fun (for him) way.  If your kid is older then you could have them do that all on their own.
We pulled out our *Kindergarten Kit to look at the emotion cards and talk about them and act them out.
We read The Berenstain Bears: Jobs Around Town, then matched cards, jobs people do, from KizClub.
Emma really enjoyed this.  At the end she stated, "when I grow up I do all things.  All kinds I wanted to do.  I grow up - everything I want to be!"
Obviously .... we discussed snakes this week.  Little boys dream come true, mom's nightmare.  lol.
We checked out *Amazing Snakes!, by Sarah L. Thomson, from the library.  It's an easy reader, so I had Connor read that aloud while I gathered up breakfast one morning.
I created some cards for him with snake names and photos.  I intended for him to cut them apart and write any info he could remember about them on the back, but we never got that far.
We read about nutrition with The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibons.
For Emma we did more of the farm printables talked about earlier.  The farm puzzles taught her where some of our products came from.  She also sorted plants/animals.
Connor was introduced to The Crocodile Hunter via youTube.  This boy was in heaven.  We lost him for about an hour I think, watching video after video of snakes. 
We started the week with some snake painting.  I gave them a pipe cleaner, yarn, string, and twine - so they could decide which made the best/worst snake.
homeschool art

We also did a paper snake.  Connor did not want to tape or glue it, so we put a brad on - that way the snake could still "slither".
I found a snake in last years Kumon book, *My First Book Of Cutting, that we never got to, so Connor happily cut that out.
And finally, we made snake masks!
homeschool craft

Best Day Ever:  {for Connor not for me}
Connor attended Boy Scouts (Canada).  They had reptile day this week.  I mean, are you kidding me right now!?  Just no.  So glad I didn't have to pick him up.  Daddy took this photo .... and I may have screamed a bit when he showed me. 
He was just so excited though, even though I felt like finding a corner and rocking back and forth.  He talked about it all night long, non stop.  Also, he made this very clear:  "I was not slouching because I was scared.  But because it was so heavy!!"
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