Who Owns the Sun {FIAR}

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with  Five in a Row {FIAR} 

Bible:  {love}

The book, Who Owns the Sun?, is a wonderful example of a boy's love for his father, and a great example for love of all creation.  We "rowed" this book during the week of Valentines Day,  focusing on the character trait 'Loving', using Hubbard Cupboard's character trait tune printout for 'Loving'.

We also used Raising Rockstars Preschool letter W, for our memory verse "We love him because he first loved us."  1 John 4:19.  -- We've used these printables for 3 yrs now so I also mix and matched what 'love' based posters I had already printed out over the years to hang up on our wall.

There's also great printables available over at Homeschool Creations, to help with memorization. 

Some books we read on love:

We also watched *VeggieTales: Silly Little Thing Called Love.

Art/Social Studies/History:  {segregation; slavery; race}

In January my good friend pointed me in the direction of this blog and MLK lesson.  I used it this week and it was just great (Feb is Black History Month anyways).  We sang Jesus Loves the Little Children (red and yellow, black and white), and added in a yellow paper and crayons.  The kids drew (or attempted to draw) with same color crayons onto their papers.  After we lightly discussed segregation we mixed up the crayons and drew while we read Who Owns the Sun?.

(Connor says he drew kids dressing up for Halloween and flowers and butterflies)

We already heavily discussed and learned about black history and such with our row of Follow the Drinking Gourd, so we used this row as a light review and extension.

Connor keeps seeing previews for the movie The Help, and is asking to watch it.  I think it would be over the head of a 6 yr old, so I've yet to put it on for him to watch.  I think a better one to watch would be 12 Years a Slave, maybe?  -- definitely more harsh, I'm sure.  I haven't seen it myself yet so I won't allow him to see it.  But there's some ideas anyway, for you readers to consider for older kids maybe.  At any rate.... it's such a hard topic, and we focused on it once this year, with many tears on my part (hubby had to read the 'extra' books, last time), so with this row we did only light discussions and review of our previous row, with no extra books on the topic this time.

Science:  {nutrition; seasons; simple machines}

Our library books this week:  

Where Does Food Come From? is an excellent and easy read for preschool and elementary age.  I like that it starts out with one of the most important foods, chocolate.  ;) 

Mmm.... Lets Eat! was a nice tie-in for our preschooler, focusing on colors and food.

Sunshine Makes the Seasons was an excellent choice.  I didn't flip thru it before taking it home from the library, so I was pleasantly surprised with I found that it's more of an activity/experiment book.  You take an orange, acting as the sun, and then it guides you in many activities to show how the sun and earth relate, making our seasons.

Connor was gifted this *Solar System a few years back and it was a nice thing to have for this unit.  It looks like a ceiling light, but it's not.  It's just an interactive solar system model.  Connor's room doesn't' have a ceiling light so it looks really nice in there.

Language Arts:

My Aunt is an elementary teacher, and she has blessed us with several books from her classroom she didn't need anymore.  We used some of those books this week for language arts, now that Connor is reading.  I had him read them aloud to his sister. 

For Emma's preschool tie-in we focused on letter V, for Valentine.  We used Homeschool Creations, 1+1+1=1, 3 Dinosaurs, Over the Big Moon, and 2 Teaching Mommies.  (Emma absolutely loves doing worksheets)

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