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I received 6 weeks of access to K5 Learning as compensation in exchange of an honest review.  The links provided, for K5, are referral links.  Content and opinions expressed here are all my own. 

We were asked to review K5 Learning website.  It's a learning based website, for reading/phonics, math, math facts and spelling.

What I like about the site is that, while it is fun and engaging for the kids, it is not a game based learning site.  There are no ads or distractions from the focus on learning.  The kids can't click to choose only their favorite topics, it's all chosen for them, progressing them as they learn;  this is something I particularly love, because in the past with educational gaming sites we've had issues for the kids to stay on the task I had set out for them to do.

I think it is very important to not allow kids to have too much screen time, even if gaming at "educational" sites.  With 5K, you aren't sending your kid off to game in the name of education, you are giving them a quality lesson.  Each lesson (in it's entirety) might be anywhere from 12 mins to 2 hrs or so to complete.  However, the lessons are nicely broken up into short 5-10 min segments and the child can choose if they want to go on or take a break.  When she comes back at a different time, it will pick up right were she left off.  The kids didn't feel overwhelmed, and also didn't spend too long on the computer.

The site is geared for Kinders to grade 5, or age 4+.  However, Emma (age 3) does pretty well with school and loves to learn, so I allowed her to take an assessment and participate as much, or as little, as she wanted.  She loved it!

Connor came to me one day, after having done an assignment by himself.  "Mom, I didn't get any right on my math.  I got 0."  I asked him what it was he was working on and he said money.  I already knew he struggled with understanding money value or even the names of the coins - but I didn't know it was so bad he'd completely fail at a 1st grade lesson.

The K5 team works hard to make things as user friendly as possible.  It was easy to sign in under my parent dashboard and then assign him some lessons at a lower level, backing him up a grade to focus more on names and values of coins - all without his knowledge so he wasn't embarrassed he was doing "kindergarten work".

He was then able to master his knowledge of that particular math topic before returning to his regular lessons.

Connor's (age 7) favorites about the site:

He loved that there were cartoon people that talked him through his lessons.  This particular one was his favorite because she had the same name and appearance as our good friend.

Connor:  "I like the race car one and the 'math facts'.  I like the robot talking to me.  I liked making my own character; I made myself a ninja!!"

K5 Learning site is pretty thorough in showing you what they are about, before you spend any money.  You can see a whole variety of samples of their lessons on this page here, as well as an intro video, an 'explore K5' video, and in addition you can also sign up for a 14 free week trial to get a real feel for the site, at no cost.

The K5 team makes it completely easy on us parents, whether you are a teacher, a homeschooler, or a public school parent.  Once you sign up (either by free trial or paid) you create your child(ren)'s profile, then you can set up an assessment for them, to place them at exactly their own level, with no guess work for us.

Each child has their own separate log-ins with passwords, so that no one can accidentally get in to a siblings lessons and mess up their learning level.

Once your child has a several lessons complete you are able to view their detailed progress reports and from there you have the option to print the report, if you wish.  I liked being able to see exactly which specific topic my kids had problems with and assign lessons for them to work on, from my parent dashboard.

With K5, the past 6 weeks, I've felt really in tune with my kids' problem areas and where they excelled. 

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