Down Down the Mountain {FIAR}

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with  Five in a Row {FIAR: vol 2}
Note:  This is one that is no longer in print and can be tough to find for a reasonable price.  I recommend first checking your local library, then checking used book stores.  Also check amazon periodically.  I got lucky one day and this was offered up on Amazon (used) for just shy of $6, plus shipping, so we snagged it up quick since it's not available in our own library.
Bible Study:

We use Kids of Integrity for many of our lessons.  This week I matched up the row with their lesson on Generosity.  We also use the Character Trait Tune Charts from Hubbard's Cupboard.
Hetty and her brother Hank make their way down the mountain to sell a bag of turnips in town so that they can have enough coins to buy shoes.  On the way down they give away turnips to all they meet, asking nothing in return.  How generous!
Our memory verse:
"A generous man himself will be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor."  Proverbs 22:9
Every day I read from these books, the section on being kind/generous:

Language Arts:
For Emma I used an adorable printout from One Beautiful Home Blog; Introduction to Spelling.  I printed out just the girl/boy for her to trace then build with letter blocks because of Hettie and Hank in the book.
All the talk of turnips in the book reminded me of the story The Giant Turnip.  So after some searching I found two fantastic printables:  a story book reader and story props (the great big enormous turnip).
We also sang and colored "the bear went over the mountain".
Social Studies:
We've done plenty enough talk of mountains this year with other FIAR books.  So this time I focused on the smaller Canadian part of the Appalachia.  I printed the map off Wikipedia.  I first reviewed with Connor where we live, and where Grandma lives, to show the mountains in relation to us.  Then we talked of how long the mountain region is, then the region Hettie and Hank lived, and which part is the Canadian part - and the differences of the shapes/slope of the mountains.
We checked out a book from the library:  All about Canadian geographical regions: the Appalachian Highland by Barb McDermott
I looked up info on the whippoorwill and found facts and a printable for Connor in relation to our own region, from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

We've already studied birds this year, but we didn't learn why they sing, so we read *Why Do Birds Sing? by Joan Holub.

I also chose to talk about coyotes (some live in mountainous regions) because Connor likes to read about some things he is scared of.  He is afraid of dogs, wolves and coyotes.  We checked out one book on *Coyotes and one on mammals (*What Is a Mammal? ) and talked of similarities/differences between dogs, coyotes, wolves and foxes.

After reading about mountains and coyotes Connor put on shorts and a watch, grabbed a bag and role played mountain climbing.  Love his imagination!


We don't have a lot of lincoln log type toys, but we do have one small set that was perfect, a cabin.  We matched that up with our playmobil horse and carriage set, leaving out the carriage.
We revisited part of the museum we went to in the fall that had historic cabins, and we found a building structure model.  It wasn't of logs, but it was still neat to see the frame work.  The kids then wanted to play with their citiblocs.
Connor got really creative and made a horse out of the lincoln logs.  While Sammy played on a *Horse Hopper.
Looking for more?
Family/Home printables from 2 Teaching Mommies
Planting Turnips worksheet at
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 Next up:  *Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton

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