Weekly Wishes: W5

Last weeks wishes:
  1. have a home cooked meal each night
  2. write down some larger goals for the new year/months ahead
  3. get to the library to get school books. 
  4. exercise in some way shape or for each and every day this week.
This month's wishes:
  1. Bring at least one box of things to a donation center.
  2. buy and begin to read a funny book  (laughter brings joy and joy brings peace)
  3. menu plan each week
  4. clean up each night before bed - dishes and sweeping.
  5. become "running girl" again.  (or if the -ridonkulous temps don't' allow become "fit girl" again)
  6. time moves fast and life begins to blur.  Start to document our life again.  Whether by scrapbooking or photo books or journals.  Or a combo of those.

The Nectar Collective


  1. I like the goal of documenting life! I recently got a "line a day" journal. It has 365 pages- one for each day of the year- with 5 spots on each page. So you write a sentence or two on each page in the first spot for one year and then repeat the second year writing this time in the second spot on the page--- five years later you can look back and see what you did on that day 1,2,3,4 and 5 years ago! It's a fabulous and easy way to document life!

    1. I've seen those before and came so close to buying one! I totally need to!

  2. I really think that the monthly photo ordering would be a great idea for you & I. I know that I hardly have time for scrapbooking anymore, but I do long for a yearly family album that the kids can look at. I am on the hunt for an album that has a three ring binder that I can just add sheets to so that I am not limited to a certain amount. Then my plan will be order at the end of the month. When they arrive, place them inside the album in chronological order. I am so excited!

    1. I've been looking into "Project Life". A sort of blend between scrapbooking and an old fashioned photo album. You just pop everything in, but there are still spaces to add a little writing - and, you can put in in a binder!


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