Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening {FIAR}

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This was such a wonderful book/row to do after our 3 week break.  Just simple and nice and it couldn't have been scheduled at a better time.  We got heaps of snow over night on Sunday and woke up Monday to this.  (there were specks of snowflakes hanging in the air just twinkling and dancing in the sunlight.  Just gorgeous)

Bible Study:
"Praise the Lord!  For it is good to sing praises to our God!"  Psalm 147:1
We focused on joyful with Hubbard's Cupboard character trait tunes and with Kids of Integrity:  Joy.

We listened to the songs from Seeds of Praise.

We joyfully played in the snow.

Joyful Books:
*Snow by P.D. Eastman
*Snow Dance by Lezlie Evans
*God Smiled by Dan Foote

We watched *VeggieTales: Happy Together.  During the show Connor decided he wanted to role play being a spy drawing his suspects.   His suspect was Pa Grape.


There was only one suggestion in the manual for this book study:  Animal Tracks.  Or 2 suggestions if you count that it suggested to supplement science, math, and social studies for this book.  However, I found it easy to come up with plenty to do.  (and the perfect thing about using this study after a winter break, is you can just review these subjects instead of doing something new - which is what we did with social studies).

For starters, we had just nicely gotten a fresh heap of snowfall.  What better thing to do than .... make snow ice cream!?  I counted that as both math and science.  Measuring (math) and mixing (science).

We used a simple recipe from  It was alright, but for our personal taste I'd use less sugar next time.  Like maybe 1/2 cup sugar.  We also didn't pour in all the milk.  We did a pour/stir until we were satisfied with the texture.  Then Connor insisted it can't be true ice cream unless we put a cherry on top.  No, 2 cherries.  :)

Next, for science, we made snow slime

Then for yet more science/math, we measured and melted snow.  I had done a quick google search for "snow science" and found a place that said that for every 10 inches of unpacked snow there is 1 inch of water.  I can't find that site now, as I didn't bookmark it.  But going on that we grabbed a small tub and scooped some snow.  We had 5 inches ... before Connor packed it down to 4.  lol.  We let it melt all day, checking the progress periodically.  When it as all melted we had 1/2 inch of water!

We stuck that 1/2 inch back outside to see what would then happen overnight.

Connor was so excited about all of this.  Public schools had a snow day, and his little friend came over to play outside.  Connor wouldn't leave the house until he had explained in length about all of his experiments. 

We also did the snow observation worksheet from the Snow & Ice pack at 2 Teaching Mommies.

As the manual suggests, we studied a bit about animal tracks.  It just so happened that right out our backdoor there were some tracks!

We used our library books, *Track that Scat! and *Best Foot Forward to guess what our backyard tracks might be.  Rabbit!

Also at the library I had found book to overlap language arts and science - a poem book about tracks, *Animal Tracks: Wild Poems to Read Aloud by Charles Ghinga.

We also read this easy reader about snow:  *Snow by Marion Dane Bauer


For math we used the Winter Pack at Gift of Curiosity as well as (for Emma) Color the Snowman's Buttons at Gift of Curiosity, in addition to our regular math curriculum.  I found some really cute worksheets at to suit our needs and theme.  We did a skiing race one and a hidden word worksheet, which I got Connor to happily do after telling him it was spy work.

Language Arts:

Preschool focus was S is for Snowman.  We used a pack from Royal Baloo and a pack from Homeschool Creations.  There's just so many ideas all over the internet now, for winter and snow.  It's easy to find things to suit your kids personal likes.

For example:  I was a little concerned with Connor's attitude learning the basics of poems, as we've read some in the past and he had little to no interest.  I searched our library's system and found these gems:

*In the Days of Dinosaurs: A Rhyming Romp Through Dino History by Howard Temperly
*Dinothesaurus: Prehistoric Poems and Paintings by Douglas Florian

We wrote poems, which also overlapped art and science:  we made "snow paint" and I let the kids do whatever they wanted, then I helped them make a list poem and an acrostic poem.


In addition to the art above, we made snowflakes.  Brownie points for keeping the interest of a 6 yr old boy.  ;)

Sammy wants to be included now, so I had him do his first finger painting, then of course Connor and Emma wanted to join in with Sam to continue on a big loop of  "I want what he's having".  Emma did a self portrait, Connor a portrait of Queen Amidala, and Sammy just slapped around.

Sammy also got his own bowl of snow to play with.

To finish the week we made snowball cookies (another "science" and "math" project).

Extra links:
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Acrostic Winter Poem worksheet
Who's Footprints are these? at KidzClub
Animal Tracks at Montessori for Everyone
Winter Consonant Blends at

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Next up:  *Owl Moon by Jane Yolen



  1. It looks like a fun week. My kids love snow ice cream but we have not had enough snow to make any.

  2. Oh what fun!! LOVE the snow slime and the melting experiment.

  3. We made snow cream this week too - yum! You went the extra step and win with the cherries on top! :)


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