The Clown of God {FIAR}

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with  Five in a Row {FIAR}

Bible Study:  {humble; Proverbs 27:2}
"Our founder, Brother Francis, says that everything sings of the glory of God.  Why, even your juggling," said one of the brothers.  That's well and good for men like you, but I only juggle to make people laugh and applaud," Givovanni said."It's the same thing, the brothers said.  "If you give happiness to people, you give glory to God as well." -from the Clown of God
Social Studies/Geography:  {Italy; Italian culture}
  • we read *Spotlight on Italy
  • we located Italy on our wall map
  • Connor painted a flag of Italy

Language Arts:  {Italian;  letter J; hooked on phonics}
  • Connor matched up vocab words from the FIAR fold-n-learn for Clown of God 
  • we learned some Italian words with the fold-n-learn, then used them throughout the week in place of English.
  • preschoolJ is for Juggler!
    • We read "the Circus Alphabet" - adorably illustrated (unique!!) abc book
    • Raising Rockstars Preschool Letter J and letter U for the booklet:  we.
    • Juggler word maker from Circus Pack
  • for our regular 1st grade curriculum, we use *Hooked-On-Phonics.  We've used this program for 3 yrs, (starting when Connor was just 3), and I just love the improvements and changes they've made.  There's fun extras to go along with each lesson.  This week we are working on -nk and -nt.  Once Connor completed the lesson he worked on drawing a Tank Car.  Connor just loves these drawing lessons, remembering and talking fondly of the ones we've done in the past each time we do a new one.
Science:  {cooking; aging; hearts}
  • we made Italian sausage soup and stained glass cookies (recipe in the FIAR fold&learn).  The kids hammered "glass" (lifesavers) while I made up the dough.

Math:  {early multiplication; circus themed math}
  • We worked on grouping eggplants, courtesy of the FIAR fold-n-learn
  • Connor did Circus Math roll and tally.  It took a bit of explaining over and over and over before he started.  But once he got it he went nuts throwing the block around the room.  At the end (he guessed right- lion!) he says, "I liked that!  Can I do it again!?

  • we read "Italy's great artists" in *Spotlight on Italy , then talked a bit of the renaissance.  Next we read *Katie and the Mona Lisa.  It is a wonderful way to expose kids to some historical art!  Connor read this often on his own, throughout the week.
  • Both Connor and Emma drew/colored clowns and marker-dotted juggling balls
  • Connor did a Path of Life pencil drawing - really super idea, check out the link!
  • Giovanni ate a bowl of soup at the market.  We made Silly Soups via Alex Toys while our real soup was cooking.

  • Stained glass Christmas Trees via KinderKraze
  • Juggling Monkey Craft at Learn Create Love.  I just love the nose we glued on.  It was an apple for a wooden play set my mom found at the thrift store.  Upside down - it makes a fantastic clown nose.

We have a clown pencil drawing hanging in Emma's room, that used to hang in her Daddy's childhood bedroom.  I pointed it out this week.  She looked at it like she'd just noticed it for the first time.   lol.

  • Sometimes I'll buy a small toy to go along with our row.  This week I got the kids a *Playmobil Clown.

For fun we had read *The Juggling Pug.  So when Connor asked what the extra pieces were, for the playmobil clown, I said ... "It's the juggling pug of course!  He's pooping on the rug!", which of course sent him into a fit of giggles.

playmobil circus

  • We made homemade playdough.  Giovanni style.  Playdough is always a huge hit in our home.

I told Connor, after the week was finished, that we were now officially on a 3 week break.  He wasted no time in putting on a Santa hat, a robe (to be a Santa coat), and thru in Polar Express on the DVD player.  He's not excited at all

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Next up:  *Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost (after a Christmas break)



  1. I love all the things you did. I love that book and cry at the end when I read it. The Playmobil clown was a perfect fit for the book.

  2. My kids loved The Clown of God. Those are some really fun activities that you did to go with the book. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the cookies! How fun and yummy!!


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