Preschool Letter of the Week: K

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Letter K:  the Emma edition

[At the beginning of the year I was trying to do two separate curriculums for the kids.  But with a baby in our life, it just wasn't happening.  Too much work!  So Emma tags along with FIAR with big brother (and in turn he will sometimes join her in things like crafts).  We add in subject-related (to FIAR) preschool printables for Emma from gracious and talented homeschoolers/bloggers, along with a focus on a "letter of the week".]

This week we focused on Letter K - tying in with our character trait Kind for our "row" with Grandfather's Journey.

We used the kindness section at Kid's of Integrity, enjoying the story, craft, and kick-off craft ideas.  The kids loved their "kindness flags".  Connor insisted that Sammy needed one too.  Each time one of them was caught being kind, I'd draw a little heart on their flag.  It was a great visual reminder and motivator.  Not only for the kids, but me as well - to verbally praise my kids and to thank them when doing good.

We used a letter song printable from Hubbard's cupboards, K is for King.  Emma already knows her letter sounds, but we focus on a letter each week anyway, for review, since she's still only 3.

We read about Daniel, who wouldn't pray to the king (letter K tune), and colored a King's Crown.

This is where my little role player eagerly joined in.  While Emma only cared about coloring her crown very thoroughly, Connor needed to color and wear it.  But he wasn't satisfied with any of our assortment of coloring material.  "I need jewels!! And jewel color!  Mom!!  I need gold!!"  Whereupon I thought of my own special art supplies I had squirreled away from my younger days.  Grown up art pencils, chalk pastels, and .... "Crayola gem tone" crayons.  Do they even make those anymore!?  So yeah.  In my art supplies, I have crayons.

I'll admit.  I, at the ripe age of adulthood, almost didn't admit I did have exactly the gold color he was looking for. In the end, I got out my special horded-away crayons and had one happy kid.  I even served them up on a ($ store) "silver" platter. 

It was then lunch time.  Now ... I didn't plan anything special for this day or week.  Just, "here, color a king crown.  Eat some lunch.  The end."  So I made lunch, serving up what was available in our fridge and pantry.  Sandwich, cashews, cheese, and grapes.  Connor of course remembered his Pharaoh lessons and that grapes were something special.  "Oh wow!!  Grapes for the King!!" .... "but mom.  You forgot my special cup!  My king cup!"

Out came the fine china.

Oh how I wish he could stay young much longer.

Back to Emma, who is the actual preschooler, lol.  She did copy work with a dollar store workbook,  (she loves worksheets something fierce), as well as Letter K printables from Raising Rockstars Preschool.

We also used part of the "M" unit from Raising Rockstars Preschool, "My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth." 1 John 3:18 for our verse of the week board, because it matched with our "Kind" focus.  She loved the "sharing" activity.  (and unlike her mother was quick to "share" her crayons).

She also "read" the little book from the letter M unit, and colored the sight word:  my.

On our book basket and shelf this week:

*Let's Be Kind by P.K. Hallinan - an adorable book!  Short, sweet and to the point.
*How Kind! by Mary Murphy - a short, "pay it forward" type book of kindness.
*A Little Girl After God's Own Heart - Kind - sweet poems of different traits girls should have
*A Little Boy After God's Own Heart - Kind - same as above, but boy themed.  lol
*Big Thoughts for Little People , letter K is Kind - One of Emma's favorites to flip thru on her own.  ABCs of values
*My ABC Bible/My ABC Prayers , letter K - sweet little poems, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers

Most of our focus was on K is for Kind.  But I did add in some extra fun with K is for Kittens.
We read Three Little Kittens (there are so many versions, check your local library).  We used Three Little Kittens lapbook printables to go with it.  Emma doesn't usually like to role play like Connor does, however, she did very much enjoy acting out the 3 little kittens story, putting her own twist on it.

Also, we couldn't forget the household favorite ...


The *Sleepy Kittens book from Despicable Me!

On her own, she often carried around our *ABC jigsaw.  She loves it!

And that completes Emma's letter K week!  Thanks for stopping in!

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  1. Love the kindness flags. :) What a fun motivation idea for kids.


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