A New Coat For Anna {FIAR}

with  Five in a Row {FIAR}

I found this ended up being perfect to "row" right after All Those Secrets of the World, which was set at WWII.  A New Coat for Anna is set post-war.  Times are tough, money and products are scarce.  Anna's mother sets out to get Anna a new coat for winter, with no money, just bartering.

Bible:  {modesty; 1 Corinthians 10:31}
  • With the talk of Anna getting a new coat, I took the opportunity to focus on the character trait Modest.  Plus, it's the only row we are doing this year that the trait would even come close to relating to.  lol.
  • Our bible memory verse:
1 Corinthians 10:31 "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God."
  • listened to Seeds of Purity.  Love love love this music ministry!  Here's a coupon code GiveSeeds2013 to use to receive 20% off an album or apparel of your choice!  :)   When you buy an album they give you 2 disks!  One to keep, one to give away.  Visit Seeds of Music Store to see all there is to choose from.  We currently own Seeds of Courage and Seeds of Praise, and love listening to each one!

  • We used Hubbard Cupboards character trait tunes, modest.  We did a very broad focus on modesty.  Just the basics, like keeping ourselves covered, shutting the door when using the toilet, and being respectful of others bodies.
  •  We read Your Body Belongs to You by Cornelia Maude Spelman.
I wish I had thought of reading something like this back when Connor was 2.  He was very sensitive to many things, such as sudden noise, loud noise, movement, and touch.  He didn't like to be hugged by people, even close relatives.  I remember some relatives being upset because I told Connor he need not hug if he didn't want to, and he never wanted to, yet he would be forced to hug anyways because "He's our _____ and I want to hug him."  So the poor guy would back into the hugs, arms all tight against his chest.  It frustrated me to no end, because to me, is just selfish adult wants and expectations - to make a toddler uncomfortable just to get what you want.  And it confuses them.  We teach them to not allow uncomfortable touches, inappropriate or not, yet force them to kiss and hug against their will, in the name of "family".  Makes no sense.

Anyways.  Rant aside.  It's a nice book explaining how to politely decline hugs and kisses if you aren't feeling up to them, and that it's okay to say no.  It's called respect.

Sam on the other hand.  He can not get enough lovins.  This kid.  Oh how we love him.  Connor was on the floor having a 6 yr old melt down.  In Sam's eyes Connor was now at the perfect height to get himself a hug.  Cheek to cheek.  Always.

  • We also talked of basic dressing with fun books like Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London, which also went along with our science focus of maintaining body temperatures. 
Science:  {body temps; coldblooded/warmblooded; hibernation}

"winter is coming and Anna needs a new coat."
  • The kids have been loving the book, Froggy Gets Dressed .  So after reading Too Hot? Too Cold?: Keeping Body Temperature Just Right we discussed Froggy and why he was supposed to be sleeping, and why even if he had remembered all his clothing, he would have still been too cold - because he's cold blooded and can't warm himself like we can, even with a coat on.  He would hibernate.
    • Another fun go-along (with hibernation/cold) we read was Bear Snores On.

  • This week, with our Evan Moor Literacy Science Grade 1, we focused on week 11 (growing and changing) and 12 (animals in winter).  The end of week 12 had a suggestion to role play hibernating or migrating - right up Connor's alley!!  He set up shop with our play tents.  Two caves, complete with blankets, pillows, and building block food - that Connor put together.  Connor also felt he needed a path leading to and from his "cave", so he put down our play mats.

Play:  {dolly dress ups}

  • Emma was given Doodle Dolls as a gift from Great Grandma.  It was perfect to go along with our dressing/modesty theme.

Math:  {bartering}
"'Anna, I have no money,' she said, 'but I still have Grandfather's gold watch and some other nice things.  Maybe we can use them to get what we need for a new coat.  First we need wool.  Tomorrow we will visit a farmer and see about getting some.'"

  • I searched our library's system for kid's math books on bartering and came up with a perfect for Connor math book!  Dinosaur Deals by Stuart J. Murphy.  It's about bartering and trading dinosaur cards at a fair.  At the end there's some suggestions for extra learning and we chose to play a game called "race for the red card".  Connor loved it, and we played several times until we had to quit for suppertime.  He's never had so much fun during math time!  (he hates math, usually).  
  • To simplify it (for myself, in preparation) I just used construction paper; I cut several white cards and orange cards, then left the red sheet whole.  You roll a dice and count out that many white cards.  You keep doing that, taking turns, until you have enough to trade-up.  10 white cards equal an orange; 5 orange equal a red.  First to get the red wins!  I was thinking it would be nice to play again, but using coins to get him more familiar with the values.

  • We also read Fleas! by Jeanne Steig.  A fun story about a man who "trades" a dog - a pat/pet on the head for ... fleas, and goes on trading with people he encounters on his walk.

Language Arts: (in addition to hooked on phonics, Learn to Read First Grade Complete)  {letter I; German; poetry}

  • We focused on Letter I this week, for Emma.  And with the "cold" theme we chose Igloos.  We read Look Inside an Igloo and did several print outs with 3 Dinosaurs Letter I pack and we did letter I from the Alphabet pack at Education.com
  • Connor checked out several Star Wars books from the library.  I had him read them aloud to me, which he happily did.

  • Emma (preschool) did I is for Igloo dot page from The Measured Mom, and we built marshmallow igloos.

  • She was in love with the new iPad app, Endless Reader (currently free!).  She laughed so hard as she learned.  It's a great app to teach sight words.

  • We practiced the German Alphabet - very interesting!  lol
  • We read some poetry:  For Sale! by Shel Silverstein (bartering theme)

Social Studies:  {Germany}

  • We chose Germany to be the country little Anna lived in.  Connor located it on the map (with help) and painted a flag. 

  • Emma colored a German paper dolly.  The printout also has  a few facts on Germany that I read to Connor.

Art:  {unrelated to the row}

  • Connor randomly decided to yank down some paper from the easel and do a "science art", as he called it.  I'm not sure what put it in his head to do this, but he was so excited to paint, then fold and lift for a "surprise".


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